Monday, July 14, 2014

Leisure // Oh Scooter Cafe

havent really have time for this but oh yea, here's another awesome cafe i found, very lovely and cozy ambiance.

anyway, i was supposed to blog about this place last month but im so sorry that i delayed the post because i have too many pending adv post to post up for you peeps! So here i am, sharing you another lovely spot for you coffee addicts and also the old school scooters over here =)

ive been here once with Chloe but ive decided to bring my stupid boy over because he is a coffee maniac. Besides, arent the cotton candy are cute?

highlight of the day // Oh Scooter Signature Coffee

coffee lovers, anyone? Here's their signature drink with a gigantic cotton candy right beside. i have no idea how to insert the entire cotton candy into the drink, so this is how we roll ≧◡≦

dessert of the day // Caramel chocolate cake

another sinful meal of the month. but who cares? anyway, the cake tasted really really good. it wasn't that sweet as i expected, just nice for my tastebud. if you love something less sweet, you may give this a try.

not a coffee person. So i go for camomile tea instead.

pic of my stupid boy being anti social.

OH scooter located at Jalan USJ 21/10, Subang Jaya, somewhere near my house. I'll definitely be visiting this place more often in the future. till the next post x

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fashion News // The Pikachu or The Fluffy Cream Cat

another comfy day out with my love. one thing about wearing a harem pants is that it's too comfy that i actually feel like falling asleep during my outing, lol what a joke. anyway, what do you this about this pikachu crop top? i think it's too cute and stylish at the same time.

this Pikachu top is Dreamscape's new arrivals. and guess what, it was all sold on the first day launch, i was surprised. i guess everyone was attracted by its cuteness prints, don't you think so? do you want more?

i got it in white because it's easy to match with almost anything. a harem pants, a mini skirt or a joni pants, you name it. heading to the mall was a last minute decision. i've decided to put on my mascara, a crop top and also a harem pants, together with my favourite Birkenstock Gigeh in black and there you go, my minimalist look of the day.

by the way, my cat's name is called Creamyy.

What i Wore || Snapback | Harem Pants | Pikachu Cropped Top by Dreamscape's |
| Shoe by Birkenstock | G Shock Watch by Casio

pictures credited to Ricephoto