Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion // KLFW 2014

Pre-Fall 14 collection // X0X0 launched on KLFW, 18th of June 2014, a new fashion label by Kittie Yiyi in Malaysia.

i was honoured to be invited to be one of the guest for Kittie. Kittie's new fashion wear brings a lively, outgoing and fun personality, just like herself. influenced by the british trend, Kittie's fashion wear is bold and loud. each and every piece has their very own style. the main pieces included jumpsuit, playsuit, printed oversized trench coat, tartan suits and fitted pants.

every shape and silhouettes are very unique. i love how she combines these colourful tones ranging from black and white, red, yellow into colourful shapes, the polkadots and checkered prints. the design has also gave a hint of a vintage, retro element. now you can rock the street in a modern, retro way. congratulation again on the debut! =)

it was my very first time joining KLFW, a great experience for sure. oh, i won myself a pair of ticket and goodie bags by dressing up though. thanks to Pavilion for the unexpected prizes!! can't wait for next year's. #KLFW2014 #OOTDPAVILION

Monday, July 14, 2014

Leisure // Oh Scooter Cafe

havent really have time for this but oh yea, here's another awesome cafe i found, very lovely and cozy ambiance.

anyway, i was supposed to blog about this place last month but im so sorry that i delayed the post because i have too many pending adv post to post up for you peeps! So here i am, sharing you another lovely spot for you coffee addicts and also the old school scooters over here =)

ive been here once with Chloe but ive decided to bring my stupid boy over because he is a coffee maniac. Besides, arent the cotton candy are cute?

highlight of the day // Oh Scooter Signature Coffee

coffee lovers, anyone? Here's their signature drink with a gigantic cotton candy right beside. i have no idea how to insert the entire cotton candy into the drink, so this is how we roll ≧◡≦

dessert of the day // Caramel chocolate cake

another sinful meal of the month. but who cares? anyway, the cake tasted really really good. it wasn't that sweet as i expected, just nice for my tastebud. if you love something less sweet, you may give this a try.

not a coffee person. So i go for camomile tea instead.

pic of my stupid boy being anti social.

OH scooter located at Jalan USJ 21/10, Subang Jaya, somewhere near my house. I'll definitely be visiting this place more often in the future. till the next post x