Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chilling day

Princess diary says hello!

Blazer by Chasseur de Rêve
Accessories and Platform by Blogshop
DIY Cropped Top and Bottom by Cotton On

a random shot i did with my friend before meeting up with my buddies.
Credits to Prakash Daniel Photography

So i headed over to Sunway Pyramid right after the shoot and we had Pasta Zanmai as our dinner! Yea you spot the cards? Well we actually spent 2 hours playing monopoly deal and guess what? It was only the first round!! Seriously, that was the longest monopoly game i ever played!

Hola to Emma, me! Dan, Bryan, Junn, Joseph and Dennis!

And we're all set for the moviehhh!
by the way...
do we look like christmas tree?


  1. Hey, love ur chillax style! The colors are bursting! Keep it up...

  2. i like your mint colour coat! :D

    1. get it from my blogshop, available in 4 colors! will be posting them out tomorrow ;)