Monday, June 18, 2012

Penang, it's all about joy

Been really busy later and here's the short update about my short break back at Penang and yeap, it's all about food ONnahh! =)

Had an awesome night BBQ-ing with the babeh at my home

Another night to remember, cupcake in ice-cream cone!

Penang food marathon with the babes: Cendol &

Ice Kacang

Penang's Pasembur is always the best. you've gotta try it out!

Big Prawn Char Koey Teow

Very special Maggi Goreng from a mamak stall.

Hofoon YingYong my all time favourite.

Penang's Mee Goreng


The food at Gat Lehub Aceh.

I know this is weird but this was my first time trying Black Ball.

Last but not least, western food from Penang's Heritage cafe.

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