Monday, August 20, 2012

Brands Outlet Opening @ Fahrenheit88

Brands Outlet is finally opened at Fahrenheit88 on the 12th of August! If you're lucky enough to be the first 500 arrivals at their outlet during the opening, you can actually get RM50 cash voucher from them, HOW AWESOMEZ! Anyway i missed out their opening, i heard the queue was damn long before their grand launch at 10am!

but gosh! i reached at noon time together with Maine but still i see a huge crowd inside the shop! the queue is freaking long and everyone is queuing patiently to make their payment.

Well... if you asked me to describe Brands Outlet in one word, i would say...
you 'll know why by scrolling down!

From graphic tees to jeans, from shirts to work, from kids to MANY MANY MORE!!

other than that, they have alot of good deals. See, even Chammaine is staring at their 'THREE for RM50' deal! everything is very affordable, i must say =)

Maine and I got a lil excited when we spotted the shopping bag right in front of us. immediately, we grab one of it (it's huge enough to fit in i think... 10 pcs of clothes? or maybe MORE) and yea, the bag is packed with our stuff in no time!

polkadot polkadot polkadot afro!

the colorful belts caught my attention!

if you're a huge fan of ballerina flats, you must really check out Brands Outlet's cause they have
trust me, everything is worth buying!!!

guess what? ! each of these shorts cost rm29.90 ONLY! can you believe it?!
seriously i have no idea why is it soooooooooo cheap!!
*excuse me if i got a little hypo*

my outfit of the day! guess imma still a fan of black n white ;D

what i wear?
Skeleton hair clip | skull head leather clutch
skull head top | neon color belt
flare skirt in black | BnW wedges

honestly, i spent most of my time shopping at the accessories section. Even im a blogshop owner, im still fascinated with their accessories! it's too pretty!!

bumped with Michelle!

and the rest of the girls!

i had fun shopping with Maine at brands outlet and in their fitting room as well! thanks to Brands Outlet for such a wonderful shopping experience =)

so what i got for myself?

Polkadot top
Neon color shorts
Two pairs of shades

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