Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love n Life

out of so many bears like Pooh the Bear, Nici Bear, Forever Friends Bear..

CareBear | is the one and only bear i love. i've been searching for its plush toy, keychain, ballerina flats (YES, even flats), tee, iphone case and erm... basically everything about them, i want!! unfortunately, it's very hard to get the original one in Malaysia, alot of them are duplicated one =(

my sis got Love-Alot Bear (one of my fav from the CBear family) for me few years back, i was thrilled.

got this Cheer CBear during my visit in Bangkok. i swear to god i'll definitely going back again and grab the rest! oh by the way, this Bear can glow in the dark!!

welcome to the family ♥

FunShine Bear (piggy bank) from my friend, Jolie T. that was my bday gift.

and she got two for me ◕‿◕

got this in ear headphones myself last year.

if you need to know, Care Bear means alot to me cause it symbolised something really special ᵔᴥᵔ

anyway, do stay tuned for more updates XX

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