Friday, October 12, 2012

Must Try | Imbi Palace Restaurant @ Pavilion, KL

Few weeks back i was invited to attended the launch of Imbi Palace Restaurant, group rebranding dinner located at Pavilion, KL. the event gathered 140 guests included the media, bloggers (ME!) and dont forget about the customers.

The restaurant specializes in Cantonese food with a wide range of ‘live’ seafood, Hong Kong dim sum and barbeque, Lanzhou ‘la mien’ and Cantonese porridge, noodles and much much more.

the interior of the restaurant and a list of the food that we're gonna eat!

Peking Duck RM 70 - an awesome way of eating the duck skin! firstly, placed the skin on the top of Momo (the thin layer of pancake skin), after that add in hoisin sauce and finally, small amount of vegetables.

Chef Xiao Chen showing off his skills by making us awesome handmade noodle (chinese known as La Mian)

Braised La Mian with Shredded Duck Meat RM 18 - after peeling off the skin of the duck from the previous dish, the meat is used to cook with the noodle.

myself and the rest of the girls camwhoring while waiting for the food to be served☺

Pan Fried Stuff Fresh Scallop RM 14 - scallops imported from Canada stuffed with fresh prawns from the Gulf of Carpenteria

Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw RM 28 - drinking soup is always a trend for Chinese, especially a healthy and nutritious one. it is a must try, i strongly recommend that.

Eight Treasures Truffle Chicken RM 80 - dont under estimate this food, there are EIGHT different types of mushroom being stuffed into the chicken!

BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs RM 158 - marinated with herbs and spices, one of the people choice's dish, haha!

Lan Zhou Knife Shaved Ramen RM 10 - a heritage food from Lanzhou, China, served with pickled vegetables soup.

Braised South African Dried Abalone RM 88 (per piece at promotion price) - i called this as The Wah Dish (dish that make you go 'wahh') haha! This half Braised South African Dried Abalone is served in thick broth with baby white cabbage.

Snow Skin Mooncake - the dessert of that night! they are generous enough to give everyone each of this. i never really eat mooncake during the mid autumn ಠ◡ಠ but this one, definitely added into my favourite festival food!

All photos credits to Andy Kho

for more information, kindly visit: Palace Group

Lot 6.39.00, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 1128 Fax: 03-2143 9393
Business Hours Mon – Sat: 11:30am – 10.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday 10:00am – 10:30pm

till the next post ˘◡˘

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