Saturday, November 17, 2012

Event | Hennessy Artistry @ MIECC

mysterious pathway at HA MIECC | leads you to the mixing zone

and so the Biggest Hennessy Artistry of year 2012 has finally came to a halt. it was a pretty fun experience as my best friend Mainnee was there with me! we reached there quite late (BLAME THE RAIN) but somehow the party started late too (yea, the rain again). and this time, the party is wayyyy BIGGER and crowded with pretty people :D

apple or berry or ginger or soda? ◕∀◕

that night wasnt a good night for me, i got period cramp and i got really moody.
but i still managed to get my outfit shoot all thanks to Andy!☺

with baby girl Mainneee n Andy

and all the same old faces =)

the weather was really bad for the entire day but the crowd was crazehhhh! everyone came all the way from different places to The Mines just to watch the awesome performances by the artists! i was luckily enough to be in the VIP zone, lesser people and better view for performances too! also, i went over to O zone (where all the media/bloggers gathered) with Maine to meet up with our old friends of course!

Korean K-pop Block B rocking the stage with their outstanding look | Every girls' dream guy but definitely not mine.

the gorgeous Alexandra Burke |and| the camera 360 with insane queue.

lets party rocking with Havana Brown!

i told cha the crowd was crazehhhh!!!

and finally, a group shot with the MHB crew. definitely, it was a good experience partying with them again. cant wait for their next event, hopefully lesser rain next time =)

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