Monday, November 12, 2012

'Halloween - The Beginning' Finale Party by Carlsberg and Jagermeister

last weekend was a crazy weekend, i must say. i attended 3 parties continuously, it was deadly insane. so yea, the pictures at the bottom tell it all... this blog post is all about The Halloween Party at Carcosa. to be honest, that was my VERY FIRST halloween party! pretty sad, i know =P

a photo taken by my best photographer friend WayneT, again! it was a spontaneous shoot. on this particular morning, we figured out the outfit, make up, concept, accessories, everything in just within 2-3 hours and snap snap snap! so TADAH! im a dead porcelain doll. how would you like it? ˘◡˘

Hunt or be hunted, Carlsberg Malaysia aimed to create a brand salience for J├Ągermeister through Halloween. “The Beginning”, party goers were greeted with gothic and spooky props to create a frightful and scary evening befitting this holiday observed annually around the world.

It was a nightmare of a lifetime where you can see everyone dressed up differently. Carcosa was transformed into a graveyard with a whole cast of night stalkers, scarecrows and hunger-crazed zombies lurking in the shadows.

Mr Soren, MD of Carlsbery M'sia with his dead vampire look!

special guest A+D from San Francisco’s famous “Bootie” dance club

Mad Sally who rocked the place with their “gothic” beat

creepy tingling sensation. it was Mandy the Sexy policewoman, my baby girl Chammaine as a killer maid, myself as a dark evil angel and Rachel dressed up as a ragdoll.

love everyone's look! it was my first halloween party and i got really excited seeing all these people dressing up with different kind of look. from devil to vampire, to zombie to killer and much much more!

im so impressed by all the make ups did by the professional make up artists! oh hell YES, they have their personal make up artist during the event! Carlsberg is really really thoughtful, i must say!

myself and Rachel and of course our MHB photographer Andy, dressed up as a sailor!

killer maid messing up with sexy police lady. im there to drag both of them down to the hell with me ⌒∇⌒

the MHB crew! oh finally one picture of me and my dark angel wing. i tried to search for a super huge one, but well they only have a medium one ×̯×

It was indeed a creepy Halloween celebration at Carcosa Seri Negara. Party hard party safe, not to forget to mention that Carlsberg Malaysia actually organised a shuttle service from KL Sentral to ferry guests to and from Carcosa Sri Negara, how sweet isn't it? well... i just cant wait for their next event, too much excitement! ;D

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