Friday, November 16, 2012

Outfit | Skulls, My All Time Addiction

hello peeps! it's friday again which means lotsa-joy-weekend is beckoning ◕‿◕ i know i know, you miss my outfit post, hehehehe! i was so busy for the past weeks and i got no time to snap my outfits! so yea i was flooded with lots of homework, assignments, the rain (yea this too) oh and parties too! *OUCH* oh well will talk about the parties soon okays? xx♥xx

here's the sneak peek of the new arrivals for Dreamscape.MY do you like it? ◡‿◡
oh by the way, the skull head earcuff is already in store, it comes with 3 colours which is gold, silver and vintage colour. do check out the 'accessories' section for more weird stuffs okays =)

where you hurt where you sleep and you sleep where you lie. are you into my medicine? or my sexy back? ✖✖✖

that's all for now, will keep you posted ✖✖

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