Sunday, December 9, 2012

Food Review | Tony Roma's

"One Rib to rule them all, the Best Ribs Election Showdown at Tony Roma’s"
Last week, i was given this privilege to attend a food review at Tony Roma's on their three best selling ribs. ◕◡◕

Tony Roma's serves juicy steaks, seafood and tender, grilled chicken and this time, we are all lucky enough to be served by their signature dish of the month, Bountiful Beef Ribs, Beef Short Ribs and Lamb Ribs.

In order to be nominated as the 'Best Ribs In Town', Tony Roma's is running a campaign, "The Best Ribs Election Showdown" where we (the diners) are encouraged to cast the votes for our favourite Ribs (those mentioned above), how interesting ᵔᴥᵔ

a little introduction on the food, shall we? ◜◬◝

Pina Mango Swirl, RM 12.90
Pina Colada swirl with mango and topped with crushed pineapple.

Bahana Mama, RM8.90
Pina Colada mixed with pineapple and orange juice, one of the drinks from Going Tropica Series.

First dish of that night, tender marinated lamb ribs, flame-grilled with signature seasonings and honey plum glaze, thumbs up for lamb lover. RM 45.90

Next, Bountiful Beef Ribs served with Tony Roma's very own original BBQ sauce, RM 53.90.

Topped with demi-glace and fire-roasted zucchini, complete with lip-smacking mashed potatoes, here comes our last dish, Beef Short Ribs, RM 58.90.

if you were to ask me which one is my favourite dish, definitely it's Bountiful Beef Ribs. from the meat to the sauce, it's goodness. so yea, i voted for this wonderful, mouth watering dish... YUMS!

Anyway just a short reminder here! Tony Roma’s is hosting weekly lucky draws for diners who participated in the ‘election’ process. Winners will be chosen weekly and will receive Tony Roma's cash vouchers worth RM 50. Other than that, one year's worth of free meals at Tony Roma's will be given for grand prize winner!! how cool isn't it?

So what are you waiting for? head over to the nearest Tony Roma's Restaurant now and participate in the election. who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners! good luck ;D

for more information, do visit: Tony Roma dot Com or their Facebook page HERE. Dont forget to follow them on their twitter for more updates on their latest promotion.

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