Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun With Tcmaine

Time flies, it's already the end of 2012. to be honest, i had an adventurous year and most part of it was occupied by this new friend of mine, Chammaine Tan(click HERE to her blog) i did promise to make a blog post entirely about this girl because she is leaving to the states in about... FEW DAYS LATER?! yea within that short period of time ๏̯͡๏

i was suppose to do 10 things about tcmaine but i came to realize that i have way more things to write about her and i managed to sum up 20 pictures of us since the first day we met, hehh ◕◡◕

so here we go, the journey with Tcmaine throughout this year.
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first and foremost, feathers. about 6 months ago, maine ordered LOTSA feathers from me when i opened a booth in her campus, we weren't friend yet
(this lazy girl wants to make dreamcathers but i dont think she manage to make any, lol)

i was looking for a model for my 1st blogshop and i approached her. that's how we became friends ◔‿◔
i went to her house for the shoot and she made me spaghetti ❤

and oh! i was so hooked by her look when she went for the topshop fashion show. she looked like a freaking cute giant minnie mouse!! that's how we started to chat to each other too!

maine got really crazy when she saw me selling dreamcatchers in my blogshop. we were suppose to make feathers accessories for ourselves but oh well... we are just too busy with too many stuffs, LOL.

suddenly we both were so keen to get ourselves a lansi tee, i forgotten why. anyway, we both wore it together to a restaurant and the aunty in front of us actually thought that we both are sisters, haha.

our first galaxy shorts for AHM 2nd album launch! i went to her place almost every weekend for this. we both dip dyed the shorts together for wee hours, we almost dead.

i gave all my 'first time' to this girl. sleepover at her place with our super yummy midnight snack, traffic light ice-cream. all thanks to her super sweet bf Tim!!

introduce you, her super sweet bf Timmmyyyyyy!! they are the sweetest couple among all my friends, i can say. i enjoy seeing both of them together doing all the silly stuffs in front of me ಠ◡ಠ

|we went over to sunway pyramid for alfo circus polkadot polkadot afro, maine fell asleep -_-|

dark knight premier at Gardens with Maine n Tim and the rest of the MHB members. Maine fell asleep again and i enjoy throwing popcorns to her ≧◡≦

maine is going back to penang on this day. we both chilling by the playground after sending off Tim to the airport. ate 4 or 6 traffic light ice-cream just to cheer ourselves up.

i went back to penang for maine's 21th birthday. it was my first time drove over to penang too #shameful
first time again.

maine came down to KayElle cause we're going to Bangkok together on the next day!! i pick her up and drove her to Pavi to do some shopping. we both were too thirsty and too tired to look around for drinks so we went to TWG for high tea
|shared/nibbled 2 macaroons like nobody else's business|

night time! went over to burger lab for super awesome burger!!!

Bangkok!! first time went overseas with my friends too!
shopping spree with maine, mandy and sam under the super hot weather.
remember kimchii, ebiko and shisha? -̮̮̃•̃

spoted this guy mades the super huge cotton candy. three of us grabbed one and omnomnom!

next station at Hatyai when i went back to Penang for holidays. we were so addicted to their seven eleven and therefore, we bought all our breakfast there. love the sausages and the chicken floss bread!

maine came down to KayElle almost every week and i get to meet her again at Dejouer party!

photo taken by Andy.

almost forgotten about this food! i took maine to this shop once and she got really really into it. everytime 'CASEYYYYY BUTTER MILK!!!' everytime i drove all the way from cyber to bring her to Golden Chilli for butter milk chicken. what to do, super annoying best wfen leaving to US ᵔᴥᵔ

still crazy over dreamcathers. i bought her beaded dreamcather with our initial on it, teehee!

first time went all the way down from KayElle to Penang for 'wheres the party', this is crazeh!
and we had our lensless spect and bikinis on too!

last meet up at miss universe finalist gala night. maine got into final ten, so proud of her!

like i said, i had lot of fun with her. Maine is leaving to US on this thursday and will be coming back to Malaysia most probably on June 2013. our journey never ends, next meet up point will be at Bali, hopefully ✖✖✖

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