Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Lilac Box

Ever wanted to get a box of surprises from anonymous rather than your boyfriend? The Lilac Box is well-known as a blind date in a box where they deliver premium beauty and cosmetic samples to your door house with lots of love.

WHAT you need to do to get a box of premium surprise?

it's pretty simple, easy and quick! Simply subscribes to The Lilac Box for only RM 35 per month and you will receive a DELUXY-SIZED, handpicked premium beauty and cosmetics samples brands ranging from Burberry Beauty, Kerastase Paris, Marcs Jacobs, Chloe Calvin Clein and more.

WHY subscribe them?

im not sure about you but i always have problems buying the right beauty product especially perfume, make up products and beauty care products. by subscribing to The Lilac Box, you can actually discover new and exciting brands product. It's always good to get a sample of the product you interested to get rather than buying yourself a big-sized one home and ended up regretting buying something which is not suitable for you. I strongly agreed with their 'try before you buy' concept, it allows you to make better purchase decisions next time =D

WHAT else do you get from The Lilac Box?

after trying out the samples and if you wish to get the full size product, you can always get them from The Lilac Box at a discounted price. bear in mind that this privilege is only available for The Lilac Box Subscribes ONLY ᵔᴥᵔ

oh WAIT before you leave! did i mention that you can actually claim your freebies from Chloé, Burberry Beauty or Calvin Klein Euphoria after registering an account in their official site?

Be quick! head over to and get yourself registered!
Visit their Facebook Page for more updates and exciting news too.

it's a blind date, it's a surprise. Brought to you by The Lilac Box.

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