Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things to Remember

and so the year 2012 is almost came to a halt. what i cherish the most are the lovely people i met throughout this entire year, all the crazy experience i faced and most importantly, all the countless events i went. here's a quick updates about what was happening for this whole year.

Juliets of Eden
i never thought that i could have my own band in my whole life. i was lucky enough to meet all my band members because everyone came from different background and all of us stay very far apart. maintaining a band is not easy as some of us are working and some of us are still pursuing their degree. i know we have alot ALOTS MORE to learn in order to become better. but somehow i take this as part of my life challenge and i'll improve it. anyway, you can visit our page here :)

Hiruscar Acne Cream @ Sunway Giza n Circus Bar Launch @ Pavilion
i was invited to review this product at Sunway Giza few months back and media preview of Circus Bar with the rest of the bloggers at night.

Hiruscar, a scar care product formulated in Switzerland and provides an effective solution to both new and matured scars. for more information kindly visit their official site HERE.

Circus Bar & Lounge is one of the most chilling place out of so many bars specially when they have their own DJs and live band performances. i enjoyed the food served by Spanish Executive Chef David Caral who is in charge of the kitchen which cooks up international cuisine at its finest such as Ahi tuna tartare, grilled calamari salad, crispy wild mushroom risotto, black cod, a variety of tasty sliders, and mouth-watering desserts. besides, they have up to 60 varieties of cocktails for you to try, ranging from staple classics to avane garde.
for more information, you may visit HERE.


my favourite piece!

from the left, my ordinary chic look.
the right, i put on one of the Kardashian Kollection and im transformed into
a more formal, elegant and polished look.

Kardashian Kollection Launch in Malaysia
i attended this event 2 months ago at Mid Valley. The Kardashian Kollections will be sold at Dorothy Perkins outlets, price ranging from RM193 to RM323.

"The Kardashian Kollection incorporates Kim's glamorous red car petlooks, Kourtney's more bohemian chic and Khloe's edgier style," said Dorothy Perkins, the exclusive retail partner for the collection.
for more, do visit HERE.

new arrivals for December 2012

one of my handmade collections

i launched my own fashion line on the 16th september 2012 with the aid of my close friends. i dont claim myself as a designer as most of my handmade items are all inspired by designer brands. i struggled alot as i need to cope with both my studies and my shop. but im contented because i adore fashion and it's some kind of art that can really make my day and the best part of it is i got to make it to be part of my life, it's a bless.

for more information about my blogshop, you may visit my fanpage here, or my official site.

Samsung Hello Kitty Super Sweet BFF Party @ GSC Pavilion
i was here for the new Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition launch in Malaysia. telling the truth, that was my first time EVER dressing up myself with super cute outfit, that's so not me!! arriving at the event place, it was flooded with lots of people and almost everyone dressed up in pink, such a lovely place!
anyway Mandy was nominated as one of the best dress winners that day, so happy for her!

Wheres The Party @ Hard Rock Penang
Photo credits to Andy

another crazy experience to end my 2012 and oh, this is my first rave party in my whole life too!! Maine got me a ticket for this VIP event last month. it was quite a secretive event where all of us gathered at Carlsbery Brewery located at Shah Alam early in the morning. 3 buses picked us up and drove us all the way from KL to Penang for this event, how exciting right?! other than that, they got us Carlsbery goodie bag the moment we arrives at our hotel, how thoughtful isnt it? anyway i had a great experience with everyone that night.

dark blue bustier, Alexander Mcqueen inspired clutch and accessories by Dreamscape

Passion for Fashion by Johnnie Walker & Kronenbourg 1664 @ Rootz, KL
a VIP stylish night embraced with some of the famous local fashion and film industry from actors to hosts, models to designers, editors to bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, the hottest bloggers, party socialite and of all them under the roof. not to forget to mention that all of us are overjoyed when our favourite DJ, Smith Agent showing off his skills playing our favourite songs that night!

love my rainbow ombre hair?

an interview with TicTV

Urbanscapes 2012
did i mention that i won myself 2 pairs of tickets to urbanscape? i seriously need to thank my friend WY for putting afford on designing our own poster, it was a last minute work actually! anyway, do you love my outfit? hehe ;)

another dress from Dreamscape too!

with Philippine vocal trio, Primo

my girl from the left and Dennis on the right

Miss Universe 2012 Gala Night
a last day to catch up with my BFF Chammaine. she was one of the finalist of Miss Universe and im really really proud of her. went after party with her and sleepover at her place after that.

Malaysia Model Festival Awards 2012

myself with my own blogshop dress

with the gorgeous model Esther on the left and my favourite catwalk instructor, Kelly Jagan on the right

from left | Venice min, myself n Dato Jimmy Choo

lots of my friends been asking me how do i cope so many things at one time. to be honest, im not really a very smart person who scored full As for my academic but as an economic student, im satisfied with my own achievement, as in establishing my own blogshop entirely with my own ability but at the same time maintaing my studies well.

i need to thank those who made my life so happening and so helpful when i was at the bottom of the world. as i was born in a very very strict family, i need to thank my family too for being so supportive all the while for letting me to experience lots of thing. (i know i often drive my mom crazeh, lol) last but not least, i need to thank my manager Tim for bringing me so much opportunity in 2012, life has been really good!

im not sure whether the world is gonna end tomorrow but what i know is that i've done my part with no regrets. no matter what, the world is still gonna end one day and that's the fact. so be strong and hope for a better end maybe? ✖✖

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