Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hair Makeover

helooo everybodah! and so i submitted my last final year project yesterday. i cant believe that i actually managed to finish all my crazy assignments at such a short period of time, it's insane. but then another crazy nightmare is still awaiting. after all these it's gonna be a brand new month for me, can't wait for all these to over.

well, i made an appointment at Grado Icon Hair Studio for a hair makeover last week and i thought that i couldnt make it because i had only 4 hours of sleep yesterday. but with all the energy i got for finishing all my assignments and quiz, i decided to get my hair done right after i submitted my last assignment. honestly, i never have a crazy hair in my life, like on my real hair. i love ombre rainbow hair but i can never have that on my real hair because i really really really love my hair and i couldnt afford to lose every single snip, hahaha! so what you usually see (my rainbow hair) are actually my extension hair ◉◡◉

the first dip-dyed rainbow ombre hair i did was around 9 months back for a summer photoshoot.

next, i did another dip-dyed rainbows with turquoise color at the bottom few months back at urbanscapes.

so what i did for this time?

i thought of dying some crazy electric blue hair at the top and turquoise at the bottom but i need to bleach my entire hair just to get that look and plus, my hair is too fine to do bleaching, meaning it will be REALLY REALLY damaging after the final outcome! good bye dream hair, i guess i can only stick to those typical hair color. *NOOOOOOO*

and then Joseph from Grado gave me advice on what to do on my hair, at least i still get my dream ombre hair without the need of bleaching them. thank you Joseph for bringing me back to my wonderland once again ≧◡≦

i got highlights on my previous hair for a beauty expo last year. it's time to make a change, hehe!

Joseph gave me a 6 steps of Arimino japanese hair care product for the treatment before and after putting sunshine on my hair. and it took only awhile for the treatment. now in this technologically advanced era, we dont need to spend one whole day in a hair saloon just for a treatment. in fact, we can actually get our hair colored, treatment and trim all together without eating up a day.

it's my favourite colour!! PINK PINK PINK AND PURPLE!

two hours later...
TADAH! a combination of dark purple on the top, dark pinkish red at middle and light pinkish red at the bottom! more like a rose pink color tho. so how would you like my hair makeover? ᵔᴥᵔ

im so in love with my new hair color. now i can rock the stage with my pink electric guitar with more confident and of course! for Chinese New Year too! Cant wait!

what's next? head over to their Fan Page now to know more about Grado Icon Hair Studio. Grado Icon Hair Studio is not just about beautify your hair, they gave advice on what should you go for your hair too in order to maintain a good and health hair.

Grado Icon Hair Studio
35 Jalan Radin Anum, Petaling, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 57000.
Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm
03-9544 5592 (Joseph or Calvin)

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