Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Everyone has been asking me which club i went for clubbing during NYE? same old answer i gave to everyone, i spent my night chilling at my sis's place together with my brother and the rest of the family members. same goes to Christmas, i spent one whole day at home to complete my assignment cause i've been staying in my dreamland wayyyyyyyy too long! ಠ◡ಠ


sounds pretty boring right? oh well... for me, everyday is the same and i couldnt be bothered much as i have lots of things to work on before my finals. FINALS OH FINALS! I HATE FINALS! gosh my life sounds so boring!! haha! anyway im not like the other people, i do go to the club but i hardly drink (like seriously) main reason is because i drove all the time and i really hate to be caught by the police on the way back home. so yea... you can never see me drunk, haha!

So yea... you heard about new year resolution? i think i should really come out a list to motive myself in order to get more things done on 2013 。◕‿◕。 BUT before that... im here to present my... silly pictures hehe ≧◡≦

first time ever i have New Year Resolution LOL! so first of all...
1) MY OWN CHANNEL!!! was planning to have my own channel few months back but FAIL! so yea this year, pretty soon! *wink*
2) get a boyfriend before June. you hear me! im looking for my perfect man this year, haha *blush and run away*
3) build my blogshop! the bigger the merrier ◠ε◠
4) tone my body! no jokes for this time, i need a healthy lifestyle and a sexy body =P
5) ROCK my guitar HARDER like Slash!! ●﹏●
6) getting more n more creative day by day and produce good stuffs! *YAYY*
7) graduate by June and get myself a fluffy pussycat ᵔᴥᵔ
8) visit Paris and meet Milos Karadaglic HAHAHAHA!
9) continue giving love to people around me ♥
last but not least...
10) get a perfect job and life directions

that's all! i found my resolution! how about you? ◠◡◠



  1. Wow, get a boyfriend.
    You're on MHB and you're still single? :D
    Anyway, good luck!
    I'm pretty sure there are lotsa guys out there that has interest in you :)