Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magnum Exclusive Preview Party

black corset
cross printed skirt by Dreamscape

last week, i was lucky enough to be invited to attend this exclusive party at Renoma Cafe Gallery located at Jalan Bukit Bintang. as i mentioned in my previous post, i was busy preparing/rushing my assignments and what i took for my breakfast and lunch was banana ⊙̃.o ya banana.. i know it might sound healthy but i think i need some proper meal and also proper TREATS too! so i decided to attend the event for 2 hours and went back home early to continue with my assignments ᵔᴥᵔ

at first i thought it was a food review where they serve each of us the new launching ice creams and then some girls talk and balik, lol! but not at all! the moment i entered the cafe, the first thing came across my mind was 'god, this place is really pretty' there was a table where you can make your own decoration on the cupcakes and also another table where you can customised your name on the chocolate! being a chocolate lover, i was thrilled.

i love baking cupcakes! they have all the icing, sprinkles and also ready made chocolate/vanilla cupcakes on the table. what we need to do is just simply create our own topping and tadah!! eat all you can!


the highlight of that night: chocolate brownie and also chocolate strawberry that will only be selling in the market few weeks later. tell me how to lose weight with all these awesome desserts?

indulge myself with all these sinful yet goodness meals, i love em'

this is me trying to be creative and... there you go my weird drawing, haha!

ohya! they have manicure service too! you can actually enjoy eating your ice cream, at the same time get your pretty nails done! how thoughtful isnt it?

bumped into Chelsea and her friend

last but not least, a picture of myself and Xiang

it was such a perfect way to spend my evening chillaxing with the people after a stress week. are you a pleasure seeker? dont forget to indulge yourself with their new magnum ice cream this month ✖✖

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