Saturday, April 6, 2013

[ADV] Aruku The Walk Grand Opening

heck yes, another busy week again. i wonder why do i keep mentioning busy busy busy in almost ALL my blogpost (so damn annoying right) UGHHH. i know that im graduating soon, like REAL SOON but things keep coming and im really afraid that i couldnt cope well. for example, i heard that the french subject im currently taking is really really tough and i actually took the beginner level two years back (YEAA THAT LONG) and you know what i mean ◔_◔ i freaking forget about every single thing... BOO!

so right now, it's time for me to sit down, chill and blog about the event i attended last weekend, Aruku The Walk in Johor. it was my first time went down to Johor with a group of my blogger friends and i was really excited to have fun with them ◕‿◕

MHB took the opportunity to test-drive two Nissan cars namely the Sylphy and the X-Gear. The Sylphy is a C-segment sedan with low fuel consumption and very comfortable over long distances while the 5-seater X-Gear tuned by Impul is a crossover between a SUV and MPV.

Andy was a really good driver, he never speed just to ensure all of us are safe in the car. how thoughtful isn't it? and everyone actually fell asleep in the car. you know what, Andy is a crazy driver. why? because there is once her drove down to JB from KL and took him only 2 hours to arrive, INSANE RIGHT? anyway, on the next day i had a 9 hours trip back from JB to Kl, from KL to Penang, i was a dead fish when i reached home X.X

and i shall cut the crap and proceed to the pictures part teehee!

the crowd was a madness

the party starter yo!

elecoldxhot dance crew in their futuristic moves

oriental fashion show

sexy belly dancer in the house!

the legendary Joanne Kam Po Po who keeps making funny jokes

live band performances kick start the night

Grand Opening Of Aruku The Walk - An Oriental Affair Official Video from Jason Low on Vimeo.

good thing about this event is that the hotel we stayed was just right next to the club, and all the the amazing food stalls were just right opposite the hotel, damn awesome right? i can say that that's a really strategic place. Aruku The Walk is the most happening club in JB if you need to know. everyone was so hooked with it’s advanced sound and light system and of course, the well decorated interior designs with comfy sofas in the VIP area. saw those pictures above? we were all entertained by awesome performances from the elecoldxhot, sexy oriental fashion show featuring famous model Leng Yein, belly dance, DJs, lots of funny jokes from Joanne Kam Poh Poh a Malaysian comedian and also live band performances performing all night long.

a photo of myself in the beautiful tunnel that leads us in to the main room
i have a question for you readers... do i look like a Thai girl here? this is a serious question lol!
i wonder why but i found this picture of myself look like a Thai girl ●﹏●
what say you?

meet the ladies!
Sarah from the left, myself, LengYein and Adrianna

and some fellow bloggers who came all the way down to JB with us

a picture of myself and this lovely friend of mine, Chelsea. we went back around 2am wanted to grab supper right away because we were just tooooooo hungry and then we spotted this van selling lok lok and we went, 'YESSSS FOOOOOOOD!!!'

hello group shot with all the blogger friends, it's been awhile!

thanks to MHB for this sponsored trip, Nissan, Moet and also Hennessy YAY! i definitely had lots of fun! cant wait for the next trip with you party people! ohya, Aruku The Walk has different theme nights and DJs performances. if you need more info about them, check out below.

Aruku the Walk is located at:

Ground Floor, Block D, Lot 5, Plaza Sentosa,
Jalan Sutera,
80150 Johor Bahru,
Phone: 07-331 1118

so yea, i'll end this post with my favourite picture
pictures are all credits to Andy Kho

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