Monday, April 15, 2013


my studies have been bothering me since the first week of April and so I decided to do another outfit post just to relax myself abit. life has been pretty challenging since day one but im sure that i can handle all these within 2 months and i'll be a free bird.

okay back to the main point here. i have a huge obsession over camouflage prints this month *YES NO MORE SPIKES* my friends have been complaining about me wearing too much spikes/studs for the past few months. i remember i made my own denim jackets with lotsa spikes over and it often make my friends go 'OUCH'. i have this spiky choker (which im still wearing it now and sometimes put it on as a bracelet), my spiky platform heels, my spiky snapback i got from Dreamscape and oh, my spiky bag too. well i can't help it ◉◡◉

ohya about camouflage prints.. remember my blogpost about the camouflage jacket? you may click here to view the post. so ya this time, i got you camouflage high waisted short! i love the material, it's stretchable and that's why it fitted on me perfectly! you should get it now while stock last :)

okays no more pictures! till the next post peeps ✖✖

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