Wednesday, April 3, 2013

sloggi girl - Love Weather

last week, i was personally invited by sloggi to make a review on their new inner wear collection, The Weather. for those who are still not sure what is sloggi, here's a brief about 'em.

sloggi is one of the world's favourite body wear brands and also the best-selling branded brief in the universe and is launched in Asia in 1981 and globally in 1979 . sloggi delivered both comfort and sweet design look and which is why it makes me so interested to know more about their products. what else, sloggi's garments are all made from high-quality, organic cotton and Italian Sensitive® Fabric ◕‿◕

and my point here is... why is this Love Weather Collection is a must get item for you girls out there!?
❂ the vibrant colors definitely
❂ and the light hearted prints ≧◡≦
❂ supreme level of comfort and fashionable! check out the rainbow series if you dont believe me *scroll down*
❂ last but not least, sloggi produces eco friendly fabric series TOO!!

Check out these colourful stuffs!


spot those tiny little rainbows? so cute right!

brown color is the new love!

SEE! aren't these adorable? the rainbow series came with 2 colors whereas the undies are available in 5 beautiful colours! im a very particular person when comes to dressing, even inner wear, lol! i want them to be perfectly matching to each other and delightful so yea, im so in love with the rainbow series, it brighten up my day.

alright, here comes the serious part. here's another reason why do i do a write up about sloggi. but before that, these are some important facts that you really need to know about sloggi!

Be the first one among your friends to start buying sloggi products because...

❂ by purchasing their eco-friendly fabric series, you actually saved 77,370 sqm of Amazon rain forest. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
❂ the fabric used is designed to save 20% of water & 10% of energy.
❂ 230,000 tones of pesticides is used to grow conventional cotton per year!! if you need to know, 230,000 tones of pesticides is actually equals to the weight of 11,500 whales
❂ it take 1/3 lb of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to make ONLY ONE T-shirt! *holy cow, imagine we're wearing an entire chemical lab everyday*

and these are the reasons why we should start using organic cotton from now onwards. go get your own SLOGGI PRODUCTS NOW ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

so now, in conjunction with The World Earth Day, i actually did a quick photoshoot with my buddy by using only dried grasses which i collected outside my house, hehe!

okie, right now, i pledge myself to get all these done everyday and it's really simple and easy. well, you should follow me too ◕◡◕

❂ save the electricity. switch off all the lights in your house if you're not using 'em especially when you're out or ready to sleep. to be honest, i got really frustrated whenever my housemates do not switch off the lights at night, lol.
❂ DONT use plastic bag when you do grocery. i often get myself a recycle bag when i do grocery and now, i got myself a freaking huge tote bag whenever i go so that i can just throw everything inside after i done shopping.
❂ recycle used books/newspapers/clothes. i practice this since i was a little girl. my parents often send out old newspapers and books every year for recycle and we donate all the old clothes to the orphanage too.
❂ SAVE the water! don't left the tap running after you using it!
❂ walk to class if it's just a short distance from your house. omg i dont need to guide you on this right?
❂ STOP buying book, we have internet.
❂ STOP smoking too! you know right it has nothing good for both you and I.
❂ STOP 'dabao' food for your friends. ask them to eat together with you =)
❂ DO NOT litter! be responsible on your own waste.
❂ use your own tumbler whenever you're out. save paper/plastic cups!

and hey, dont forget to follow the three Rs: reuse, recycle and reduce ˘◡˘

before i end my post, i would love to share this beautiful spot called Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa!

sloggi is also running a pledge contest exclusive for invited bloggers only, and im one of the lucky one. Sepang Golden Palm Tree Resort is a 5 star hotel, perfect for eco adventure, non-motorized water sports, family-friendly fun or to just relax and unwind. what's more? sloggi girl pledge contest winner can actually win a 3 days 2 night stays in this paradise. wonder if i could win, hehe.

so that's it!

for more info on sloggi, you may visit their fb page here. psst! dont forget to get yourself a sloggi bra hehe!


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