Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vanity Trove The April's Surprise

hello hello! just so you know im Casey's little fluffy friend, Love-Alot Bear. you know that she's been really busy lately and she had only 3 hours of sleep almost everyday.. that's crazy right?! but no worries my dear readers, she will be free right after she gets her final year projects/final exams done! so yea, today i'll be representing her to blog about this beauty box ᵔᴥᵔ

*check out the pictures below*

TADAH!! it's me the pink bear 。◕‿◕。
it's VanityTrove again but this time, we got The April's Surprise!! Oh before that, have you check out Casey's write up on the March's surprise? if you don't, please click HERE for her March's review on this beauty surprise.

- The Shower of Summer -
check out what we got this time goshh! one, two, three, four... SIX! that's alot of pretty stuff here im sure you girls will love 'em!

these are what you can get from this month's beauty box... a 50% discount voucher from Clarins! not just that, they have a total of 5 packets of samples for the serum. usually for samples we got only 1 packet and it's always insufficient for us to see the results after using it and we always ended up buying the wrong product for our skin, le sigh. just so you know, Casey always has trouble buying the right skin care products for herself as she has a very sensitive skin! pimples will pop up if that particular skin care product doesnt suit her =(

i think what Casey needs the most now is this whitening mask, LOL! anyway, up next is ohhhh, this is interesting! i love how you girls can make pretty nails with this (item on the right) i wish i could too! by using this PERKINS NailWrap, you can actually get your pretty nails done in no time and without ruining the designs too, how convenient right!

eh are these milk? they look yummy ≧◡≦ unfortunately, they aren't! These cute little stuffs on the left are Gemstone Soothing Cream for skin protection! it helps to repair your skin and also it has hydration effect too! well i think it is a must try product of the month! and lastly, le parfum! i wish to have this! hopefully Casey will give it to me, hehe!

what's more? i love this entire beauty box, it can be my new bed and blanket already, HAHA! and also, i can have blonde hair now, TEEHEE ◕◡◕

dont forget to check out their Facebook or official site to make orders peep! im gonna off now


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