Monday, April 8, 2013

[ADV] WeChat Party 2013

woot woot! there you go another interesting event i attended last Tuesday - WeChat Party at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur. im sure you guys heard about WeChat this super awesome/most used social networking app right?! if you're still uncertain about what is this app all about, it's ok i'll brief you a little ◕◡◕ WeChat is a social networking app which allows you to communicate with your friends anytime, anywhere and you know what... THIS APP IS FREAKING FREE and it's available for both iPhone and android users *YAYY* so if you dont have this super awesome app in your cellphone, GO and DOWNLOAD it right now ◉◡◉

here's a picture of myself with lotsa WeChat balloons while waiting for my turn to capture pictures at the photobooth set up by WeChat, the queue was so damn long. and do you know why do i get so excited on taking photos at the photobooth? because that was my FIRST TIME taking pictures at the PhotoBooth *how pathetic right, LOL*

it was a very happening night as there were alot of great performances going on (one of them were Henley Hii, i love his voice), games and also countless prizes giving out. check out the photos above, i dint expect such a huge crowd, it's crazeh! after MIA for about 2 months, finally i got a chance to meet up with all the familiar faces on that night, such a great reunion with everyone, i must say!

also, WeChat was sweet enough to prepare everyone dinner. i spotted lots of delicious food but unfortunately i only manage to grab some fruits because i was queuing wayyyy too long at the PhotoBooth with the rest of my friends *oppsy* and of course i was on diet so yea, forget about good food =(

hello familiar faces! it's me on the left, Wilee, Jane and Mandy

Sarah and Adrienne

It's Mandy again! this time with ShinYee

The Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers! Kelly from the left, myself, sweetheart Chelsea and sexy Stephanie

oh hello Yeeing and Chenelle, it's been awhile! nice seeing you both again!

and also Sistar Gladys and Careen! i din't expect to see Gladys that night because i met her only once and that was like... 2 years back? and it's so happen that Careen is her sister! such a small world!

last but not least, a picture with ma sexy ladies, Stephanie and Mag!

oh and how do you like my #ootn ? ♥

before you scroll down to my next post, please take your time to watch this funny Thai video and get a clearer picture about what's WeChat all about and why is this app so interesting. don't miss the fun peep!


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