Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swinging In Style

Last Friday, i was honoured to be invited to attend this blogger fashion shoot organized by LuxeSwinger. if you dint know, LuxeSwinger is a Malaysia's trusted premium online fashion platform offering the most diverse selection of luxury designer products and services ranging from various Australian brand like Bardot, Jeero Zeerol, as well as their own in-house collection.

Holding a visionary online fashion-retail concept, LuxeSwinger gives women and men of all ages, tastes and budgets access to the very best, very latest and very high-end handbags, accessories and clothing which they can have it delivered to their door, nation-wide across Malaysia. At LuxeSwinger, they allow everyone who adores designer fashion labels and luxury masterpieces has access to it, building a high-ed experience that provides just the right something for you 。◔◡◔。

In order to promote LuxeSwinger's latest brands, Luxe Swinger gathered a total of 12 fashion bloggers *wink* to do a fashion shoot and also walking the runway on the 8th of June at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

check out the video above for my fashion shoot and a short interview sessions with LuxeSwinger ◕◡◕

i arrived at their fashion store around noon time and phiww, i thought i was late because i saw a number of bloggers were there getting their hair and make up done by the crew. the store wasnt as huge as i expected but i was amazed by their wide range of collections, made me feel like putting all of them on, the jewelries, the gowns, the dresses, everything, they are oh-so-pretty!

psst! do you know that LuxeSwinger actually renting out their favorite items for a low fixed fee? meaning you can rent from a huge range of handbags, dresses, jewellery and other fashion pieces from their store without the need of buying a luxury brand that will eventually go out of trend and this can actually save you alot of penny!! and if you fall in love with an accessory you have borrowed, you can always have the opt to purchase it as a reduced price. well, You are always in control ;)

it took me around two hours to get all the hair and makeup done. i was thinking of taking some pictures with the rest of the bloggers by everyone seems to be super busy with their hair and clothing, so i gave up, lol.

here are the final outcome. do you like it? if you do, kindly click here and 'like' my picture, will ya?

clothes from Herve Leger and Bardot, sponsored by LuxeSwinger
makeup and hair dressing by Backstage Academy
photographed by Peoplegraphy

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