Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day

Kampachi, a japanese buffet restaurant located at Equatorial Hotel, Penang.

yeap, i was here last weekend just for Father's Day celebration. you know what, im really a spoiled brat. the moment i stepped into my house, 4am, my dad got us steamed octopus and Char Koay Teow! on the next day once i woke up, mom got us Yao Char Guai. and for lunch, spicy vege, laksa all the way from air itam and durian. night time, Kampachi. and finally on the next day before our ride back to kl, we had seafood for lunch. seriously, within 2 days, i ate so many wonderful stuffs. i must say, last week was definitely a food marathon for me. it's more like a food gathering with my family rather than celebrating Father's Day right? lol.

one thing that impress me the most is the Samsung S4's camera, so damn clear man!! even better than my note2 =( now i feel like getting a S4 already *sigh*

check out the delicious food here at Kampachi, both my sis and my dad's faces tell it all, haha! but i believe that my Samsung S4 did some magic too! the photos are so clear and made the food looked so real omgg! and heyy, these are the food i taken using my Samsung S4 and guess what, Kampachi has wayyyy more yummy stuff and i think you should really check them out yourself *wink wink*

psst: sorry for the lack of photos, i was busy chilling with my family and of course, the yummilicous food ◕◡◕

camwhote a little with my...
sis on the left | my superman on the right xoxo

here's a lil thing about Samsung S4 that im gonna share with you! they have this auto night detection when you use the front camera. you know we always have problem taking pictures using the front camera right? now with this auto night detection, you camera will brighten up automatically!! also, use it together with the beauty mode and your photos went super flawless and sexier, LOL

im such an independent kid but i have to admit that my family spoil me alot ALOT! i love hanging with them, very carefree and i dont need to worry about anything and most of the time my parents got everything done for me. now that im away from home but i'll still try my best to go back to my hometown as often as i can. maybe until i got a stable job and when i got a boyfriend to take care of me forever? haha! jokes aside, time to work on my stuff. till the next post alright? ✖✖

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