Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fear is Nothing

i started to realize that life wasn't as easy as we expected. we tend to have more expectation from it and that's where we start making mistakes. i've been worrying/care too much of what other people thinking towards myself and i think it's time to put a fullstop on that. putting too much expectation over something doesnt make your life easy. in fact, it will create negative aspects to your life and it can actually lead you to a downfall.

always remember that all the good things take time, so work hard and dont be lazy. we all have our own rights to create our own happiness so why the hell are we putting it on other people' hand? you know what is your strength, you know what you're good at and making a change in your life due to other people's perspective is a very silly act. live life in the present, dont let all these to limit your values. go out, have fun, dream big, work on it and you can make the world a better place.

okay time to sleep ✖✖

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