Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Darker Side

i cant remember when was the last time i posted about my outfit *oppsy* here i am in Penang for a small getaway ≧◡≦ anyway, i heard the haze has gotten worse over the last few days in kayElle and it's frightening me, hope everyone is alright over there. thank god Penang is still fine and i still manage to do a quick outfit shoot of the day. wasn't really satisfied with the outcome though, i think i need a new camera. Sony or Casio? anyone?

oh and i bought a gigantic shoe LOL they called it a 'creeper', such a strong name! do you like it?

from Head2Toe
$$$ Beanie from Spike Apparel
Superman Top from Room11
Ombre High-Waist Shorts from Room11
The Qozmo Shoe in Black Multi from YRU NY


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