Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where I Belong

i was in Penang two weeks back for a short holiday break and i loved it. to be honest, sometimes i felt ashamed to be called as a penang girl and i dont even know much about my hometown LOL. but if you need to know, i was born in Penang but I'm entirely raised in the mainland and the reason why i do not know much about Penang Isle is because mainland is good enough for me to stay without the need of crossing over the bridge to penang. the food are amazing, the people are great, best part of it, my family and friends are all here staying in the mainland. so yea, i hardly travel over to Penang and please dont ask me to tour you around, you'll end up nowhere hahaha!

i know Penang has gone through alot of changes since i last visited it. i guess you people heard about the street art did by Ernest Zacharevic right? i was thrilled then moment i found out Ernest did his awesome job on painting the walls around the inner city of Penang. well i know part of it is for the Gerogetown Festival 2012 but still, i would love to thank him for beautifying my hometown. Penang has become more and more interesting ◕◡◕

nowadays, i heard alot about heritage cafe at Georgetown and they are actually one of the famous hangout places for people of my age *woot* since i have zero knowledge on these cafes, i'd let the rest to decide on the right spot for bff's chiling session. and guess what, it was my first time visiting a heritage cafe in Penang *omg dont hit me*

Jean suggested Nostalgie and yeap, we are all ready for our bff session after picking Leonie up! it's been almost 2 years since i last seen Leonie. she was in Canada to further her studies.

my favourite darling Huii and Jean. Huii is leaving to UK real soon and i guess that was a farewell date too? hope to see her soon. why is all my good friends leaving me? =(

sweetheart Leonie and myself.

Nostalgie Cafe served western food. i heard their desserts are damn good but too bad they are all sold out when i got there =( anyway, i forgotten what's the name for the drinks lol *pointed up there* the picture with tomato topping is called Tomato Bruschetta; and the one with mushrooms is called Mushrooms Bruchetta. so here's my oh-so-sinful meal. i had chicken chop with mushroom sauce and Jean had fish n chop. ohya, the bad thing about staying here in Penang is that the food are too awesome until you'll eventually ruin your own diet plan, lol.

the beloved gang | from the left Huii, Jean, Myself n Leonie

i somehow love the environment here even though the choices of the food are quite limited. Huii, Leonie and Jean are all my primary school friend and our friendship last more than 10 years already, how time flies. it was nice catching up with the old friends where everyone has different stories, backgrounds and dreams. life is too short for us to figure out what to do next, so try to spend a lil time with your loved one before it's too late. tii the next post perhaps? ✖✖

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