Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#3 Love n Life

i have to admit this lol... my blog is dead!!! ╥﹏╥ i really hate to mention about how busy is my life and how i neglected my blog for such a long time, this is bad, im such an irresponsible blogger ✖╭╮✖

HAHAHA but i shall stop all the dramas and bring you back to my lil wonderland, my journey throughout these few months weeeeee ≧◡≦ ever since before my bestie came back from The States, my life was damn hectic and packed with lots of events and jobs. and just before i realized, I've been travelling back to Penang almost 3 times per month, back and forth. i had very eventful months, tiring but contented ◔‿◔

first and foremost, before i forgotten... THIS IS CORGI ᵔᴥᵔ super cute, medium-sized dog. this cutie pie is super adorable and guess what, it's very very RARE in Malaysia! i got the news that these cutie pies are all imported from Taiwan and the next thing i know about it is that they are all fully booked even before they arrived in Malaysia!! **thumbs up for all the dog lovers out there** Next, where can you get it? Pet's Hut. the store is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya =D i love the people there, the services are great, they have boarding and pets grooming services too. oh and they are actually recruiting people to help them out in their store! so if you're interested, do visit their fb and direct contact them ;)


WOOT! my 2nd experience singing at Tom Dick Harry, Pavilion. i was damn nervous since it was my first time ever performing on the stage, and.. SINGING! im a super shy person when comes to sing, and i mean it 。◕‿◕。 all thanks to Kelly, super talented doctor/singer for giving me this opportunity to sing with her, i had lots fun that night. if you would love to hear me sing, do visit my Youtube Channel here. give me some credits eh? hehe =) dont forget to check out Kelly's Page too!

Speaking about modelling, did i mention that i took part in this MIMMA Ring Girl Search Competition few months back? i was one of the 20 finalist *blush* anyway, thank you Edward Chen and YK Tang for the photos.

here's a picture of myself and Mandy doing silly stuff while waiting for our hair to be done. remember about this blog post i wrote about Luxe Swinging? if you don't, do visit here for the blogger runway show im in few months back =) oh and i actually won the 'most likes' in Facebook omg i cant believe it! thanks for those who willing to spend their precious time liking my photos, appreciate it alot ◕◡◕

NEXT! i was honoured enough to be featured in this music video of Malayia's famous local band, An Honest Mistake. have you check out their latest music video? PLEASE DO! [Click Me]

and im sure you guys heard about on of our Malaysia's youtubers, Dan Khoo. do check out one of his production, Macam Yes Tapi Bukan, it was my pleasure to be featured in their video ▰˘◡˘▰

Fashion Salad | first ever fashion market i organized. seriously, it took up my entire month just to work this thing out, i was dead tired but the event was a great success. thanks for those who dropped by that day, it means alot to me. overall, i got really good feedbacks from the bloggers and fashion blogshops, i was trilled. as promised, i'll be organizing the next one soon!

i set up my own booth on the night before the event and guess what, i stayed overnight in the shop and woke up at 7am just to set everything up. *imma dead fish*

a big thank you to these awesome blogger friends, i hope you girls had fun *definitely yes* thank you Vivian my baby girl for helping me, you're the best as always ♥ thank you Vinny for staying till the end of the event, we all love you X not to forget about Squaredotz Cafe for giving me such a great opportunity to set up a fashion platform for the fashionistas. it's like a #dreamcometrue

another day in Penang | catch up with my high school bestie before i go back to KayElle, it's been awhile x

Jolie's graduation day | finally got to meet up with my sweethearts in KayElle. brought them to My Burgerlab before heading back to Penang. that night was insanely crazy, we went to 4 different places for food and ended up in Cyberjaya for supper at 4am, and gym at 11am on the next day LOL #onceinalifetime and they called me woman of steel HAHA!

went back to Penang just to attend this Super Flea at Piknik Cafe, setting up a booth for Dreamscape and Room11!! also, i met Ernest Zacharevic, a super friendly artist who painted the street of Georgetown in Penang! he promised to teach me how to spin, woot!

last but not least, my crazy days with my BB, Chammaine! went back all the way to Penang for this girl, again ♥ first is Club Asahi, next is girls night out, then KL, Krabi and much much more ✈ ✈ ✈ and she is leaving soon, i am so gonna miss you ✖✖

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