Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dark Garland

Monday blues? nahhh... nothing is better than staying in Penang with my family. i woke up every morning with awesome breakfast, mom's cook in the afternoon following by delicious food momma bought from the famous hawker street in Butterworth, life is good. talking about my daily routine... the moment i woke up, the first thing i heard is my sister's laughter, and then my mom's, nothing feels better than this... i love my home, but who doesn't? ♥


raindrops keep falling on my head...
but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red,
cryin's not for me, cause...
im never gonna stop the rain by complaining...
because I'm free,
nothin's worrying me... ˘◡˘

anyway, i know it's kinda late but here's the blogpost about the shoot i did with Jeremy, Bryan and Dan early this month for Dreamscape's New Arrivals! never hear of it? it's my online blogshop 。◕‿◕。

it was drizzling, a little, on that day but we were all super excited and looking forward to do the shoot! if you need to know, we've been planning to do a shoot two years back omg can you imagine? how time flies and now we get to do the shoot like finally!

we waited in the car and woot, no more drizzling. here's Bryan super bersembangat trying to do the snowing effect while we were all staying in the car watching him, cute enough.

getting ready with our props and gears. rainbows, garland, cupcakes, passion, happiness, smiley, swag, etc etc ≧◡≦

silly me after putting on my garland with le unready look and le peace look. which one do you prefer? hehe!

*wink wink*
it's been awhile since i last did a photoshoot! thank you Jeremy for his awesome skills and afford, i had so much fun and i love the outcome of the pictures, that's exactly what i expected ♥ now do check out the 'behind the scene' pictures, HAHAHA!

silly Dan with his super swag sunglasses, no one can beat his epic look, lol!! what say you? ;)

guess what's Bryan holding on the first pic? and oh! Bryan is rocking my Dark Roses Garland very well too! SEE, told you he is darn cute, lol!

YAYY for the snowing effect we did, the outcome was pretty successful!

IT'S JEREMY!! the man behind the camera. glad to have you to be our photographer! =)

last but not least, they named it Charlie's Angels OMGG this cracked me up #ROFL

it was a very successful shoot and i had so much fun. this whole bunch of people definitely know how to make crazy stuffs, i laughed so hard, lol. so what are the items I'm selling? definitely the Dark Roses Garland i made and also the sky blue bustier top (came with another 4 colors: dark blue, pastel pink, purple and beige) for items info please do check out my instagram: ckhei25 or dreamscapemy or contact me directly through Facebook =)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ckhei25

ALSO! dont forget to check out Rice | Photo by Jeremy, Zoid Photography by Bryan and youtuber Dan, DanKhoo Productions

till the next post ✖✖

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