Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kitty Freak

i have this obsession over kitty kat. dont you think they are just like a furry rolling ball that can melt your heart? I'm not sure about you but im am so gonna get a fluffy toy after i got my new home. this thing is just toooooo cute ᵔᴥᵔ

im surprised that im awake at 9am this morning without the need of the alarm clock to wake me up, this is extremely strange i lie you not. whenever im in Penang, i'll just die on the bed at least until 10am or even 12pm but whenever im back here in KL, i can never never wake up that late even though i stay up super late on the night before.

anywaysssss... i think it's time to do some ootd shoot perhaps?

did some random shoots and this adorable kitty kat decided to photobomb me, hahaha ♥◡♥ it always good to have some animals to accompany you on a shoot right? it made the shoot more lively and fun too! oh by the way, do you realize that i've been wearing creeper lately? *wink*

chained necklace and cross bracelet by Room11
printed top by Room11
Creeper by All Star

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