Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sum Things Up

well.. nothing much to blog about as i was pretty free this month.. August, to be exact. why? cause life is too good for the past few weeks, not until i start my work *woot* like finally. anyway, here i am, updating my blog before August came to a halt, loll.

as stated, this blog post is simply to sum up my August's activities before i forgotten how wonderful it was.

first and foremost, i received a hair sponsorship from Chezz Technique. they are generous enough to pamper my hair for three months, im a happy girl ▰˘◡˘▰ if you noticed, i changed my hair color from light brown to dark brown/reddish brown. a proper color to start an office job isn't it? lol. thank you Bryan my hair stylist on the afford he did on my hair. now i started to miss my red hair already ≧◡≦

my hair stylist of the day: Jonathan! it was my first time visiting their new hair saloon located at PJ Jalan 17/54 and Jonathan was the one who saved my 'bad hair day'! if you need to know, my hair is very oily and i have to wash it every single day and that's why it gets dry easily =( John gave me a scalp and a hair treatment as my hair condition was pretty bad ×̯× but surprisingly the hair treatment was really great i must say, my hair is super smooth now!!

please visit Chezz Technique for more information and appointments will ya? :D

next! my two days impromptu Krabi trip with my bestie Maine x it was quite a fruitful trip as both of us took our sweet time pampering ourselves and we had lotsa girls talk too. oh by the way, it was raining every single day and we had a very hard time walking around but still we managed to visit the hot spring and the tiger cave temple.

myself and my batman-all-over cropped top by Dreamscape

another girls' day out with my sweetheart Chanwon and Vinny. well it's more like a farewell to me because Vinny is leaving to Korea to pursue her studies. Shakespeare is a pastry house located at SS15 Subang Jaya. i'd always wanted to visit this place as i heard they are famous for their pastry and rainbow cakes :D i kinda love the food here and the pricing are very reasonable and somewhat cheap! it's definitely a best place to do breakfast and high tea with family and friends.

decided to put lesser make up day by day and i actually started using mascara on my face only haha! now do i look better with lesser make up? *wink*

oh and if you're following my instagram, i've been posting lots of pictures of the food i cook. i was just trying to learn more things and trying to occupy my day with more happiness and love. do you want a tutorial on this hearty breakfie? hehe.

lastly, a little fashion corner i set up for my blogshop! *it's like a dream come trueeeeee* please do visit Squaredotz Cafe, my shop is just right upstairs ◕◡◕ and before i forgotten, i'll be organizing the 2nd fashion market at the same place. if you're interested to set up a booth, you may visit HERE for more info ;)

till the next post perhaps? ✖

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