Sunday, September 22, 2013

2Crank - Discover The Talent In You

heyy everybodayyy! how's your weekend been treating you? i hope everything goes well or slightly better day by day. but if you dont, always remember that good things come for those who wait, tomorrow is always a better day ◕◡◕

talking about our local music talents, it's really sad knowing that lots of them are not well discovered in Malaysia and youtube is way too broad to discover our local talents. why cant people in Malaysia be supportive as how they supported foreign artiste? and the most ridiculous part is that the people here (probably majority) arent willing to spend a penny to watch/buy the music produced by our local talents. simply bias, what kind of mindset is this? it's really unfair for them right? so today, im hereby to share a new music platform in Malaysia and hopefully this will change your perspective on our local talents.

2Crank - a music portal company that seeks for new talents. whether you're in a band or independent musicians, youre more than welcome to join this music platform in order to be recognized and discovered in the music industry. 2crank focuses exclusively on music and the talents themselves by aggregating a full package of music video and album for the new talents. from this, talents are also given an opportunity to earn through the aggregations and ranking system through social media platforms.

[Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013 - bands who were performing during the 7 days event organized b 2Crank. photos extracted from]

approximately one and a half week back, a seven-days Rock & Roll head-banging events (Malaysia Day Band Fest) was organized by 2Crank in order to showcase different local indie and cover bands in conjunction with One Malaysia. besides celebrating and bringing groups of Malaysia bands together, MDBF 2013 also aims to promote new upcoming and talented bands, and giving them the awareness and exposure they need. throughout these seven-days event, there will be a ranking competition among the bands that are performing. the band with the highest ranking will be entitled to have a free music video production. my god, such a great opportunity. do you know much money you need to put in just to product your own music video?

here's what you can do for these local talents - VOTE for them for their better future, for a better chance, for a great change in their life.

checkout these awesome soundtrack from our local talents before you cast your vote:

or visit their youtube page:

want to be part of the team? easy. head over to their official site and click register. once you joined, you'll be given this privillege to discover new local talents and updates on them. what else? it will also update you on new gigs that features our local talent too! c'mon guys, it's your chance to discover our local talents and trust me, they are way better than you expected ▰˘◡˘▰

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