Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Pink Room

about 3 months back, i spent almost 2 weeks just to get my lovely room done and guess what, it's all well decorated (WOOT) and i love it so darn much. for me, i personally think that having a cozy room is one of the key points that leads you to a healthy and comfortable life. im not sure about you but i'll get really really grumpy if i found out my room is a mess, especially when i came back from a vacation. immediately, i'll get myself a mop and a broom, and start all the cleaning job like a professional cleaner, lol. anybodayyy wants to hire a professional cleaner? i did a good job yo ≧◡≦

so today, im gonna bring you around my room... now lets start the tour, shall we? =3

theme color: magenta + cream white + jet black

i love my little corner of books and lomo cameras, they made the entire room look so girly, kinda like a brought-me-back-to-my-childhood-room kinda feel. and if you noticed (it's kinda obvious actually) i have alot alot of care bears at every corner of my room LOL being a super hardcore music fans, i need to admit that sometimes i do have a girly side of me as well. i love almost all the pink color things, i love care bears and some other cute stuff, hehe.

my little fashion corner, as usual. i have a corner of handbags and of course, my pretty clothessssss ▰˘◡˘▰

Tips on how to save some space in a tiny/rented room: if you noticed, i dont have a wardrobe in my room. so don't get a wardrobe, it's a waste of money and it took up lotsa space in your room. get a clothes rack and DIY it yourself. paint it into the color that you wanted to match with your room and tadah, hang them with your favourite clothes ♥

Tips on how to save electricity: use only LED lights (those you hang on the xmas tress) at night or candles, even better. you'll get a super romantic effect during the night time yo, try it out, you'll be hooked ;D

say hello to my baby pink electric guitar ❂‿❂ oh by the way, did i told you that im a huge fan of dreamcatchers too? i have four dreamcatchers in my room, i customized two beaded dreamcatchers, two feathered and another two more rainbow dreamcatchers in my car. sounds crazy? hehe ᵔᴥᵔ

lastly, my shoes corner!! i had them display on a furry carpet weeeeee~

before i end my post, here's a final tips for you on how to decorate your room with stuff that you already have. instead of spending unnecessary money on the decorating items, try to use handbags, shoes, makeup kit as your decorating items. dont be selfish, dont left them in the pouch or hide them in the wardrobe, DISPLAY THEM ALL OUT! im sure your handbags are pretty, you have your colorful heels and professional makeup bag. so why dont you show them all off? im sure they will do a good job on decorating your room *wink*

thats all for now, i hope the tips above gave you a direction on how to achieve your dream room, stay tuned for my next post will ya? ✖✖

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