Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh Hey November!

well well, i saw 2014 is beckoning and before i forgotten, it's time for me to write about ◔‿◔ October! nothing fancy this time, still, HAHA! but oh, i did something that i'd always wanted to do when was a little girl ˘◡˘

owning a pet is always a girl's dream, same goes to me. when i was 17, my dad bought me a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. i was trilled and super thankful. thank you dad for making your lil girl's dream come true. but then day by day i started to realise that other than owning a pet, i wanted to feed all the stray animals (cats/dogs) whenever i can. i told myself that i'll feed 'em all when i got my first paid. and whoola! i started to feed all the stray cats and dogs during my collage time. i carry the food around and feed these fluffy little things. well, i guess this is a part of my happiness (start my day by doing a good deed) so how about yours, what is your happiness? ◕◡◕

NEXT! i drove all the way back to Penang with le bro and sis for my dad's birthday! it was my second time spending my day at Hard Rock Hotel, nothing beats the breeze. oh i miss my parents and the Penang food too… I'm getting home sick =(

oh! what's more? I'm doing sales clearance for my blogshop! lots of beautiful cropped tees are on sales now! do check out my Facebook page: or Instagram: Dreamscapemy for more pictures! psst: stocks are running out too, be quick!

you know what!? i miss this coconut ice cream so much!! oh crap i miss Bangkok already =( anyway, i found this at ss2 night market though! it's only available on Monday night. so go check it out and TRY THIS!!

i attended this cutie pie's birthday! she's now 21 oh god, I'm feeling old nowwwww ●‿●

Jolie my baby girl visited me *a-herm* during her holidays. i brought her to check out The Markets and woot, we snap a #OOTD do you like my unicorn clutch? ♥

made this for someone special (BBQ chicken served with grilled potatoes tomatoes and mushrooms). hopefully i can make more of this for the rest of my life teehee ♥

attended Samsung Note 3 launch at Sunway Pyramid. this thing beats everything!

last but not least, BRING ME THE HORIZON'S CONCERT WAS SUPER!!!! i can't stop head banging OMFG! Vivian warned me to get a packet of salon pas lol. and yea, i should've listen to her, i can't feel my neck on the next day ≧◡≦ well, other than the sweaty environment, this is by far the best experience ever, not to forget mentioning about my creeper, I LOST MY FREAKING CREEPER HAAHAHAH, the crowd was seriously insane i swear to god. and ermm, i walked back to my car... barefoot ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

alright, that's all for now. can't wait to update my blog soon ✖✖

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