Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stay With Me

how time flies, it's already the 5th of November and I'm 2 months closer to 2014 oh god ●﹏● back to the same question i ask myself almost everyday, how much effort i'd put into 2013? how many incomplete task this year? did i hit my new year resolution? the clock is ticking day by day and I'm pretty sure that some people took their long break throughout this journey, and some of them made a big step into another stage of life, just like how my sis did on this year.

marriage is a wonderful thing in one's life. in fact, i think it's a very important day for the couple too. once you're engaged into this, you'll have a huge commitment in your life. i remembered, it was a lovely morning during my sis's wedding. a day before, we drove all the way down to Melacca and booked a hotel, and that's the meet-up-point for both my sis and my bro-in-law. do it in a very traditional way as always, the bride got her hair and makeup done in the room, whereas the bride's mate which is me! have to accompany her throughout the wedding ◕◡◕

i guess i'll let the photos do the talking instead.

feel the excitement? it's all written on my dad's face, haha!

trying to guess what's the bride trying to do? we were actually trying to connect our Skype through the laptop and my bro's cellphone so we can see what's happening outside :P

i wonder when will be my turn… haha! anyways, i hope you enjoy readying my blog, though it's not much this time. i'll be away for awhile for my work, will definitely try to update more often than the past months, hehe. promise me that you'll miss the #SquidBlog yea? ▰˘◡˘▰


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