Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Lil Memory

so.... today is the last day of 2013 and i would love to thank those who spent their precious time hanging with me, listening to my grandmother/grandfather stories, share stories with me, spent time lunch with me and most importantly, MY DEAR READERS! thanks for being such a faithful reader of the SquidBlog, i know that i did not do a good job on maintaining my blog, i was at this point of giving up my blog due to some reasons but i made up my mind that i should continue writing and continue inspire more people and share great stories with you guys! YOU GUYS ARE REALLY AWESOME! now that 2013 has come to a full stop, i would love to wish all of you... Happy 2014 ♥

things to remember... ♥

super clean, lovely dishes that i've been making for months. just a little announcement... i don't make all these for myself BUT! for my boyfriend. YEA, i have a boyfriend already **new year resolution achieved** =3 so ya, if you followed my instagram, 70% of the food i made are for him, lol.

second big impact into my life. the super mischievous and cute, half persian mix cat, my Creammy boy. i made a big decision on getting him with my boyfriend, knowing that it's gonna be a big commitment to take care of a pet.

these bunch of cray cray peeps that never fail to make me laugh and accepted who i am. i'm blessed.

my super close blogger friends, my baby girls and also my super bff, Dexter that will always be there for me when I'm having hard times. friends who never fail to support and encourage me, and also TEASE ME, ALOT. lol. love 'em.

did some major sales from my blogshop to pamper my follower/readers/customers. knowing that taking care of a blog shop is not easy, especially when you're doing it on your own. i've learnt that time managing is very very vital and DO NOT try to push yourself too much cause you might eventually mess things up. do it slow, take a breathe, and things will come back to you. check them out on instagram will ya? Dreamscapemy

visited Gathers Cafe for the 2nd time with Charis. love the environment here and the cute artwork, so creative and mesmerising. oh and! say hello to my housemate, Charis Ow from the same high school (for 2 months LOL) and living in the same housing area with me LOL. such a small world. well, as i said, life is always unpredictable.

had my awesome Christmas dinner at The Roof with the loved one, one of the best memories on 2013. 2013 has been a very tough and challenging month for me. according to the chinese horoscope, this year wasn't a good year for me but i always believe that after a terrible storm, you'll see a rainbow, a big and a colorful one. we do not know long can we live, so try your best to work hard and live with no regrets.

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Happy New Year peeps ♥

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