Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finergy | GenNext Career Revolution

as time goes by, i started to worry about my future, career. so many opportunities right in front of us but sometimes we are just too lost to look for the right one for ourselves. it is true that freelance jobs are always giving better paid than working in a salary based firm, but then the paid isn't consistent enough, somehow you'll still need to struggle alot to achieve a better life. so last week, i was honoured enough to be invited to attend a career talk organized by Finergy, targeting young people like me, lol.

upon arrival. myself, Mandy and Chloe

“GenNext Career Revolution”, is a leadership hunt sets to inspire the next generation into a career revolution. whether they are jobless, or in search for a job, or thinking of changing job, GenNext is an event they should check up.

Finergy Advisory provides a full range of financial-advisory solutions where they bring together experienced finance specialists from across the entire firm to build the multifunctional team best suited to addressing your specific business needs.

together with the founder Karen Ong and another 2 more successful speakers came all the way from the neighbour country. i can't forget what Karen told us,'we view leadership as a skill that is derived from competencies and proven through experience”

Mandy and Chloe enjoying the tea time session and we were all surprised by lots of childhood candies omg, i can't believe that they are still existed, these are legend!

Finergy are making room in the workplace for new ways of thinking about both work and commission. it can also mean nontraditional salary and benefit packages that are more clearly tied to performance and measurable outcomes.

finergy is dedicated in Building GenerationNext - raising young, dynamite, talented candidates. for more info you may visit or their fb page/instagram to explore more career opportunities and ways to bring your dreams closer to you.

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