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The 1st Milestone Educational Toys Shop In Penang

Lafonis, a company for kids is the sole distributor for intentionally renowned playgrounds, products manufactured & latest teaching material imported directly from European Countries like Holland, Spain, France and more. Providing reasonable, safe and fun educational toys has been a goal for their company since 1998. oh about that, i do agree that children toys play an important roles on child's development in both mentally and physically, even until now ▰˘◡˘▰

i had to admit that kids nowadays are severely attached to all the electronic devices especially iPad or smartphones. it is so bad that i personally think that it will eventually affect the children's health, their brain or even their eye sight!


Lafonis launched its franchise in Malaysia few months ago and guess what, it's located at my beautiful hometown, Penang. if you're a Penangians, i'm pretty sure you heard about Gurney Paragon. but if you don't, Gurney Paragon is a new shopping complex located in Penang, just right beside Gurney Plaza. woot, another chilling/shopping place for us!

come back to Lafonis. their main business is to supply educational toys to all nursery center and kindergarten. if you're interested to purchase some toys to your children, you are more than welcome to visit their retail shop at Gurney Paragon. check out the pictures above, Lafonis did a good job on renovating their store, i love their eco-friendly theme!

spent my day at their shop during Christmas with my family. this is one of my favourite toys, SO COLORFUL and so environmental friendly. no harm for you kids even if they bite it due to its organic materials! if you need to know, Lafonis is the Manufacturers & Distributers of Award Winning Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys & Games.

baby girls enjoyed playing with the wooden xylophone.

Lafonis products ranging from Feber, Educo, EverEart, Djeco and GoGo.

Feber products are appreciated for their modern European appearance, high quality and durability, focusing mostly on outdoor activities such as playground and ride on.
Educo is to teach, inspire and encourage children all over the world to be creative with appreciation and respect for nature and the environment.
EverEarth products are eco-friendly. This is what you need to do. after you purchased one of the products from the Educo series, flash the QR Code on the box by using your smartphone, it will then direct you to the eco page where you can enter your child’s name on it. so when your child’s name is recorded, a new plant will be added in the forest with your child’s name.
Djeco products consist of puzzles, games, arts, crafts, role play and more. It encourages creative and imaginative play and lets children explore their creativity.
GoGo toys vary in range from baby's teethers and rattles, to mazes, pattern making sets and stacking and nesting games. All products encourage the development of skills such as counting, fine motor and concentration.

above are special packages and toyset for different children ranging from different age. each of them have their special abilities to stimulate your children's growth.

◔̯◔ do you know what so special about Lafonis?

"Our children psychologists come out with different package base on different stage of children milestone and development such as fine motor skill development, socio-emotional, speech, and cognitive development. Upon purchase the package we will provide FREE questionnaire for parents to perform evaluation after their children play with the toys. Parents can have better understanding of their children weakness on certain skill after the evaluation. Our psychologist can further recommend suitable toys based on children weakness and need"

they do provide consultant services upon request for special kids. you may contact for special request for your kids.

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for latest news and promotions, you may visit them at:

by Lapprendre Monde Trading

Level 5, Gurney Paragon, 163D-5-41,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Pulau Pinang
Business Hours : 10am – 10pm
Contact: 04-2260823 or
Branch Manager Eileen Cheong 012-4665455
WeChat: LafonisParagon

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