Friday, January 17, 2014

#10 signs of a lifeless woman

What Will You Do When You're Still jobless?

serious, what will you do? I've been jobless for (lol!) the past few months and i came to realise that i started to behave like err... one kind? LOL. so anyway why am i jobless? the main reason why is i made up my mind that i should fully concentrate on doing my blogshop thing for at least 2 months, as well as getting freelance jobs before i start working for a full-time office job. life is short, it's your choice to choose an adventurous yet colorful lifestyle or a boring/routine one. ◕◡◕

okay anyway, what i wanted to share today is: Ten signs of a lifeless woman (IM A WOMAN ADY WARREFARK)

1) spend whole day playing 'cooking mama'

too good to be true, i had to say. after i quite my stupid job (apparently everyone started to leave that company wthh ಠ_ಠ) for good, i started to behave like a housewife/aunty and do all the cleaning and cooking almost everyday, for both lunch and dinner. worst! i made them for my boyfriend and deliver it to his office, or even make lunch/dessert for my housemates. does anyone can tell me what kind of disease I'm having right now? or i just simply love cooking? lol. ๏_๏

2) you started to blog about your pet

NEXT! i think you realised that too, if you follow me on instagram/twitter/facebook! yea, introduce you Creamyy boy the super manja, flufy/fat half persian cat. his hobby is eat, scratch for attention, eat, watch people go toilet, eat, drink, poo, eat, play with his fluffy toys, eat, duno-but-try-to-make-friend, sleep ands.... EAT! i know i know, he's one of the most lucky cats on earth ᵔᴥᵔ

3) you started to talk/act like a weirdo

i duno about this but i will somehow came out some weird words like 'WARREFARK' or 'karer' or 'choo cweet'. hang too much with a bunch of weird people eh? or hanging with a bunch of creative people? you name it •‿•

4) you gym more often

yup, to be honest, after the hibernation (in penang hahaha), i started to work out again and again oh and thanks to my back, i can now gym more often and more hardcore! anybody wants to follow my workout plan? hehe! ohya, i've been thinking of taking kickboxing class for months aumagaud, this is gonna be true ya know, IM A FIGHTER! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

5) you started to do lots of house chores

heck yes! i do house chore the moment i woke up. i sweep the floor, clean the poo, mop the floor, do the laundry, and.... START COOKING AND CLEAN ALL THE DISHES right after i had my meal! cannot tahan my OCD-ness, i just wanna make sure everything is clean and clear and well arranged, UGHGHH!!

Ironing Lady from

6) cafe hunting.

sometimes i really don't get it but "you started to feel your life is empty cause you're getting more and more anti social and only mingle with the same groups of biacches" WHICH IS SO TRUE! i went for few cafes few times in a week and chill with my babes! but oh! i planned for something too that's why... TOO MUCH CAFE HUNTS!

Left| The Japanese Set. Right| LouSang

first LouSang of the year with Povy at a cafe called The Good batch, located at Damansara Uptown. fun time hanging with her and enjoying the propheous food we had. dump all the old shit, work hard this year and tomorrow will be a better day, and they will get better time by time.

yup yup. i had lotsa date with my dummy girl, Chloe. we went to a few cafes included Garage 51 for different varieties of western food. not really a fan of coffee but i'll somehow credits the coffee cubes cause it looked soooo creative oh and thanks for the great service from this cute lil waiter. coffee lovers, this is another coffee chit chatting place for you to hang at. whereas the food at LnF was just so so, it's some how overpriced and the cake is a big nono!

TADAH! there you go a picture of myself and my Puffy on the left and right, lunch at Ikea with my buddies! so yea, we went to Signature at The Roof Top for Lamb Shank and also my favourite dish, Aglio e Olio for Christmas celebration last year. wow, how time pass isn't it? NEXT! we went to Kampachi at Jaya33 for his Bday celebration! WOOT WOOT! this big kiddo is an old boy now, LOL. lastly, another cafe hunt located in Penang Sunway Carnivel, Winter Warmers with my favourite cocktail and housemate, Charis Ow.

7) started to build more on my blogshop

oh yeaaaa, for those who have been following my blog... WHAT'S MY BLOGSHOP's NAME AGAIN?!?! ಠ_ಠ
so yea, I've been busy taking good pictures for my new arrivals because it's my favourite time of the year.. Chinese New Year Woot Woot!! time to do more shoppings and get more great bargains! I'm pretty sure that you will definitely love my blogshop cause I'm giving out lots of awesome deal for my customers hehe! ♥

check here to my blogshop on Facebook:
or check out my instagram for latest updates: Dreamscapemy/Ckhei25

oh and! do check out my good friend here, Jeremy Choy for his awesome artwork! you ze best weih! #ricephoto

8) stalker queen

this cracks me up LOL. yup yup, because checking out your own pictures is too mainstream, so i stalk other people instead LOL. so do you want me to check you out? ≧◡≦ what's more, being a blogsop owner, i do check out other blogshop as well and i somehow discovered good stuffs from them anddddddd... i GRAB! so! my conclusion here is... STALK MORE WEIH!

9) you're getting prettier LOLL

not to say that i super SS but i got lots of compliments from my family & friends saying that I'm getting prettier *oh no blushing and run away* well, i think being happy and optimistic made all the changes. so my tips here is, be cheerful and think before you do anything or regret doing something. be organised, know what you're up for and you'll be in a better place #100happydays

10) you started to blog nonsense HHAHAHA

just like this post, i feel it's kinda a vain but it's very entertaining isn't it? hehe! oh well, if you think i made your day, don't forget to share my blog post and spread to the world with love! i'll be back soon with my GYM workout tips! stay tunes love! ✖✖

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