Friday, March 7, 2014

잘돼지 Jal-Dae-Ji

잘돼지 Jal-Dae-Ji, Korea Town in Ampang District

it was my 2nd time visiting korean food restaurant if you need to know, the 1st one was years ago even before i start my uni life. i can still remember clearly in my head and i wasn't really fancy Korean food until now...

last week, le bff Mandy brought me to this Korean food restaurant called "Jal-Dae-Ji". i heard they served only high quality traditional cuisine because their chef, Mr Lee (the owner of the restaurant) is very particular with the food quality. sounds kinda cool doesnt it? well, without hesitating, i went all the way from Subang to Ampang with ma girls. also, that was a farewell dinner with Mandy. and guess what?! she is going to Korea for a job offered, how nice! does anyone in Korea wants to hire me? hehe!

the restaurant is located at Korea Town in Ampang District, which is in the north-west direction of KLCC. if you need to know, Jal-Dae-Ji is one of the famous Korean restaurant who served homelike and authentic traditional korean cuisine. it's not hard to find this restaurant actually, as they have this crafted tree with a smiley face right in front of their shop, haha! how cute!

the moment i arrived at the restaurant, the lady boss was smiling at me and welcomed me to their restaurant, how friendly doenst she? and then, in no time, with the aid of the owner of the restaurant, we got a table full of Korean food, can't wait to start our day! what you see here in the picture is actually 10 side dishes in small bowls called 'Banchan' that will be placed around the hot plate. so this is how Koreans eat.

presenting you the chef's recommendation - Young Yang Galbi. nutritious marinated fresh beef. believe it or not, this traditional recipe were tasted over 40 years! beef oh beef, nothing beats this dish that night. be sure you cook it with the right temperature because once it's overcooked, there goes your money... IT COST ALOT! but WORTH TRYING! we are lucky enough to have people to grill the meat for us. *feel like a princess, lol*

Mul Naeng Myeon - chilled buckwheat noodles together with various toppings served in chilled broth. chilled noodle wasn't really ma favourite, i prefer hot soup because it makes me feel warm.

Godeungeo Gui - mackerel grilled with teriyaki sauce. my god, seriously, this is one of the best dish i must say! and we are lucky enough to have this dish on that day because, according to the owner, they will only bring in the fishes depending on their freshness. so yea, do call for reservation before you visit their restaurant yo!

Haemul Pajeon - fried pancake made of flour and egg batter with layer of green onions and seafood. and we call it.. THE PIZZA! =P

Jabchae - pan fried clear noodle with pork and vegetables. according to the owner of the restaurant, it is a must for every birthday boy and birthday girl to have this dish on their birthday.

Jjin Mandu - korean steamed dumplings. tasted quite similar like the one from the chinese restaurant though.

Dwae Ji Galbi - marinated pork spare ribs. this is a must try because it's from the owner's secret recipe, yums!

Tteokbokki - rice pasta seasoned with sweet red chilli pepper paste sauce with various vegetables. if you love spicy food, this is definitely a must try dish from them, next level of spiciness!

and this is how we roll, beef wrapped in vegetables is da bomb!

overall, i think the food quality is really really good, as well as their services. if you never try Korean food, i bet Jal-Dae-Ji can satisfy you =) what's more? check out the link below for reservations or more details ;)

잘돼지 Jal-Dae-Ji
FB Page:
Contact: 016-671 4625
Locstion: B-41, One Ampang Business Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Kuala Ampang, Malaysia

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