Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unicorn Birthday Party

Here's my invitation card, credits to my bff WenYong ◕◡◕
too bad he was busying with work and exam and he couldn't make it for the birthday party

Upon Arrival || 12.30pm

i was luckily enough to have my boyfie and my besties to help me up on the settings, you guys are awzz! if you realised, i got everything done myself. from the curtain to the tissue paper flowers, to the cupcakes and also the unicorn cake. I LOVE DIY-ing ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

this year, in order to make my birthday much much more memorable, i'd decided to throw a theme party with a bunch of close friends with the aid of some wonderful peeps!

first of all, i need to thank my best housemate Charis Ow on helping me with the tissue paper flowers, it took us quite some time to get them done. but well, we have too many things to update each other so yea, gaodim very fast, lol! secondly, i need to thank my boyfie and my best buddy Dexter on helping me with the props, the unicorn horns (party hats maybe? haha) and also the cards. oh and also Vivian for arriving early to help me on the food preparation. feel so blessed for having these lovely people in my life.

the birthday theme is more like a unicorn birthday party, so i requested all my guests to dress up in pastel outfits so the colors can blend well together with my food and also my decorations. and therefore, i got myself an ombre dress from Herve Leger. rainbows, unicorn and care bears = perfect match ✿ ✿ ✿

as for the cake, i heard lots of feedback saying that most of the fondant cakes just look good but taste really bad, and they are simply too pricy. so after did some surveys on pricing, i decided to make my own cake since i enjoy doing it as well, haha! ˘◡˘ and before i forget, i did accept orders on fondant cake too, feel free to drop me an email @ seekhei25@hotmail.com if you need to custom made any fondant cake.

my super sweet/rocker buddy who came all the way from Cheras for my bday, Vivian Ng

myself and the PPF member Chloe Chianz
do you like my Photo Booth? hehe!

my super handsome neighbour/fashion blogger, Brian See

my superman/dumb boy/Mr Everything-for-Casey ❤

my high school BFF, CAME SO LATE!! so i made her wear the wing as punishment, hahaha, she hates it!

unicorn wanna be, love this pic so much

my best housemate Charis Ow. the super cute, cheerful and a friend that will always be there for you ♥

and my bitch Mandy Chan, only true friends can endure her temper, haha! and also mine, LOL so gonna miss her after she left Malaysia. 3 more months until the PPF team reunion again ♥

the cutie pies

Dish of the day || 2pm

since it's a tea party, i got everyone a tea set and also unicorn napkins, haha! i can never get over unicorns!! so basically, this birthday is quite like a very chilling gathering with all my close friends. i am deeply sorry if i do not spend too much with you guys on that day, probably too many people i have to talk to/spend time with, >.< but I'm hoping that everyone is having fun and enjoy making new friends on ma birthday ᵔᴥᵔ
thank you Chanwon, Jacklyn and Chenelle for attending

and I'm pretty sure they are having fun, haha!

Rachel and Han Ern, sweet girls in the house too!

last but not least, me and the awesome team!

things wouldn't be so perfect without you guys, thanks to everyone for dropping by and making my dream come true ◕‿◕ feel kinda sad for turning 23 this year, but i know this is gonna be my turning point. i'll need to face much much more things from now on. can't wait to explore em ❤

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