Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scoop of Summer // Häagen Dazs Pool Party

Häagen Dazs reveals its Mango and Raspberry flavor as its ultimate scoop of summer!! i received the invitation few months back and i was overjoyed because i can't forget my previous experience on their special launched for Christmas. the creating was simply amazing and unforgettable, especially when Malaysia is famous for its hot summer spells. i felt so honoured to be invited again for their 3rd party this time but it was such a last minute decision because i was still i Penang when i received the invitation. i wasn't sure about my availability.

anyway, the event place was set at Luna Bar. as the stated dress code was summer beach wear, Luna Bar was recreated into a summer beach party by the poolside, gathered with around 150 media and guests in colourful summer beach wear. as you can see from the pictures, they have so many balloons flooded on the pool, makes me feel like to swim!

this round, Häagen Dazs unveiled their NEW, sizzling summer scoop, the Häagen Dazs mango & raspberry ice cream. one of their highlights of the night was // free flows of Häagen Dazs Mango and Raspberry takeaway creations. i was too indulged with the creation until i forgotten to take a picture of the night's special cocktails. they called it 'the summer secret' and 'a pink discovery' which featured the new mango and raspberry flavour. the night was also entertained by Hunky DJ Joey G and also Darren Ashley. besides that, we were all invited to hunt for the big scope contest where the winners will be walking away with 6 months of Häagen Dazs ice cream.

my partner in crime and myself. i've decided not to put on my bikinis because we have plans after the event. it might look really weird eating by the roadside with a bikini on don't you think so? lol. a bustier is suitable for a summer event like this anyway. and i paired it up with my flare, turquoise colour pom pom skirts which created a slightly 'mermaid' look.

Jolie on my right, following by Evengeline and Cherrie from DuoGigs

thank you again Häagen Dazs for this invitation and also the gift vouchers. can't wait to experience these tropicana passion again in the market. indulge in a sexy summer with Häagen Dazs. for more informations, you can always visit their Facebook page for more news.

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