Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Expired

wonder when was the last time i updated my fashion post in my blog. feel kinda bad for not updating my blog for quite sometimes. i don't think I'm allowed to complain about my life now because this is exactly what i always wanted to do, that is to be a part of this fashion industry and work triple hard for a living. knowing that i was graduated as an economics students, i struggled a lot on making decisions whether to go for what i want rather than to go for what is right for me... or in other word, work for my future.

i remember the day i left cyberjaya and shifted into a small room with the aid from my brother. i spent all my day and night in the room do what i always wanted to do, travelled back and forth from Penang to KL because i miss home and also to several countries with my bff and families, DIY clothes that was inspired by some really awesome fashion designer throughout the world, and finally, i met the man of my life who got me a decent house and then, i shifted out from this little room that i never like to stay. i mean, life is never easy and mine isn't THAT BAD as compared with those kids who dont have any homes to stay. well, I'm contented.

and then, i got myself a 'proper' job that i never thought i will. instead of maintaing both jobs at a time, i finally decided to let go my dream for this 'proper' job that i found. after working with them for almost 4 months, i realised that this company wasn't operating like any other companies. in fact, the employees are asked to pay for the company and asked to join company's event and if they don't, a punishment will be made and employees will be fined with a certain amount of money. i found it's pretty ridiculous and therefore i left the company together with some my colleagues. perhaps i should reveal the name of the company on my next post so everyone will be aware?

by the end of the day, back to square, I'm on my own again. sometimes i wondered why am i here and what is my life up for. there must be a reason why am i here again, with my little blogshop. i guess i'll just need to spend some time to figure this out and work hard on my dreams. they said, never dream of what you want but to work on what you dream of. so here i am, started back all over again, to pursue my little fashion dreams. i hope it wasn't too late though.

i know this is kinda off topic by here's a look that i always wanted to share.

What i Wore || Floppy Felt Hat by Dreamscape | Strap Top by Forever 21 | High Waisted Skirt from Bangkok | Beaded Blazer with Diamond Aztec Prints from a random boutique in GuangZhou | Studded Pump by Dreamscape

i always love to go casual in black whenever i go, especially with my black colour strap top. due to its comfortableness, i got myself tonnes of strap top with different types of colours because it's really easy to match with basically, anything. putting the black top together with a black skirts and also my black colour leggings/pumps which created a all black look, i decided to put on a printed aztec blazer to add in more colours into this look, as well as a felt hat in order to transform the entire look into a vintage, edgy combinations.

till the next post, shall we? ✖✖

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