Friday, May 9, 2014

Mary Quant Workshop

last weekend, i attended a makeup workshop together with my fellow bloggers to do a makeover with Mary Quant. i feel so blessed to have this golden opportunity to improve my make up skills with the guidance of Ms Takaki, their special guest who came all the way from Japan. today, i shall teach you a basic makeup for a natural look, hehe!


as far as i know, 1st step is the most important steps throughout the whole make up process. you have to protect your skin first with beauty products, like moisturiser cream and toning lotion. this is to prevent your skin to deteriorate. when you apply toner or moisturiser, don't forget to use a cotton pad to achieve a better result. do allow your skin to fully absorb all the nutrients. like how i did form above picture.

i have a very sensitive skin. therefore, I'm very particular with the products I'm using. as for MaryQuant's oil zap, it works perfectly on me without making my face looks oily. when applying oil zap, you'll have to do a 'T'(we call it the T zone) at your forehead, and go all the way down to your nose. immediately, you can feel its effect on your skin. now you can move on to the next step.


before applying any makeup onto your eyes area, eye primer or another term, eye gloss is quite important to enhance your eye look if you need to know. by applying this, you can achieve a long lasting make up base/look and also give another protection to your eyes area.

I'm pretty sure that concealer is a must for every girls, or even guys! they need that =P now what you need to do is to apply a layer of concealer to cover some flaw on your skin. simply twist the end part of the concealer and you'll get an amount of liquid coming out from the brush. pretty simple to apply right?


in order to get a natural look, i always love to apply a thin layer of compact powder with a brush, following by loose power. remember, never tap your loose powder onto your face, you'll have to wipe instead to prevent all the powder go all over your face and you'll look like a funny little clown.

all thanks to Ms Takaki for helping me on this step, hehe! it wasn't that hard anyway =)


the special part about the eyeliner is that, their eyeliner can be used as the lipliner too. HOW COOL IS THAT? now you can save some cost from getting an expensive lipliner!

so here's my before and after look. don't have much difference right? haha! I'm still prefer to go for a natural makeup cause i feel old as time goes by, HAHAHA WTHH! anyway, i hope you enjoy my blogpost. to get Mary Quant products, you can always visit MUSE by Watson which located at Sunway Pyramid, Selangor. time to off for my beauty sleep, my brother just complained that i look so pale today T_T

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