Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wall's Ice Cream Workshop

Scoop of Happiness - a term that suits this theme well because i felt like a princess who got invited to attend a very cute workshop in a castle hosted by our Malaysia famous food star Samantha Lee. being a food lover, or i call myself a part time chef, i felt super honoured to be invited to this event and also got to acknowledge how Samantha Lee created her incredible food art with Wall's ice cream.

finally i have time to blog about this really cute event that i attended 2 weeks back. since it's a plus one event, i've decided to bring Yeeing with me to discover our happiness together. check out the pictures above, aren't they lovely? i was overjoyed the moment i stepped into the location. it was well decorated with lots of balloons and DIY castle, how adorable. not to forget about all the sprinkles candies, peanut butter jam, waffles, chocolates, mash mellows and much much more. Walls prepared varieties of colourful decorating ingredients for the workshop. now let's start the the demostration by Samantha ≧◡≦

this is how Samantha creates her own food art. "it's actually very simply and easy." that's what she said. but not for all of us, haha! keep staring at the ice cream, yums!

check out how cute are these desserts? i don't think i'll finish it or even eat it because it's too adorable don't you think so? a girl with a blond hair standing next to a snow man, I'm supposed? haha! and the 2nd picture is a pirate with ships made out of oranges and honey dew. lastly, a beautiful china doll at a park together with me and Samantha on the left, HAHA! anyway, such an awesome job she did, it's time for us to show her something! ಠ◡ಠ by the way, isn't she look very young? she's already a mother of two! how on earth she can keep that look and shape? i wondered.

i love making desserts. therefore, I'm pretty sure i'll fully enjoy this event. so what do we need to do? a picture of me looking for suitable ingredients to make magical food for you and also another picture of me and my partner! time to work that sh*t out yo! ohya! we are wearing apron provided by Wall's too! now we look like a full-time cooking-mama ◕◡◕

AHAHAHA! guess what is this? hint: myself and my pet. that's right, that's yeeing on the left with her hedgehog and myself on the right with my Creamyy boy omgg! a little explanation here, I'm looking at my cat with my eyes closed. get it now? anyway, first try yo, hehe ᵔᴥᵔ thank you Wall's Malaysia for the awesome experience and also a goodiebag with 3 pints of ice cream. can't wait for their next invitation ˘◡˘

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