Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty // Kana Mask

when was your last time doing mask? how often do you do mask at home? too tired or too lazy to wash them off before you go to bed but always wanted a perfect skin before you kick start your new day?

honestly, i can't remember when was mine and i always wanted to do mask every time i finish shooting. but the problem here is that i got too tired every time i finish work/shoot and all i ever wanted to do after my shower is to get my beauty sleep. of course, sleep is important, but when comes to maintain a healthy and flawless skin, i think we need more than just 8 hours of beauty sleep.

today, I'm gonna share this awesome product from Thailand ◕◡◕

Kana DNA Snail & Starfish Overnight Turbo Booster

this is what I've been using since i got into movie filming. 12 hours of work everyday and shoot under the hot sun will eventually deteriorate my skin. rather than applying sun block everyday on my face, i decided to use KanaMask every night before i sleep. the best part of this mask is that you do not need to wash it off after 20 minutes of treatment, just like how we apply normal mask. instead, what you need to do is:

1) simply apply an amount of mask on your face
2) lie on the bed and get your beauty sleep
3) and TADAH on the next day, wash off and flawless skin achieved!

i love this mask simply because of its effective results and simple steps to apply on face ▰˘◡˘▰

psst: to achieve great results, i strongly recommend you to clean your face thoroughly, apply toner and moisturiser before you apply the mask. I've been using Clarisonic Aria on the cleansing part. it removes dirts on my face thoroughly.

KanaMask Speciality:

- emerging brighten skin overnight.
- extract from "DNA snail pure" magic mix. "Sea star fish" with the molecular properties of human skin is a source of KANA MASK best skin firming. Lift the skin retain moisture well long reduces inflammation, redness, acne, freckles, dark spots and strengthen skin cells to revitalize the skin look white as you want.
- reduce inflammation, reduce redness of acne hyperpigmentation.
- reduce spots, freckles, removes dead skin cells.
- lift and firm stimulation of collagen

thank you KanaMask on this awesome invention! now i can achieve a brighter, firm and flawless skin! don't you know that Kanamask works effectively on acne and scar? it removes them in no time too! (depends on the condition). well, this mask is definitely a must try 。◕‿◕。

kindly check out their Instagram for more product reviews for people around the world. to make order, you can always drop a message through their Facebook page or add them on Wechat/Whatsapp

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