Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beauty // Kiss Me Eyeliner

when comes to makeup, sometimes, i have no idea how to achieve a big eye effect other than using a pair of enlargement contact lens. after doing some survey through the net, i realised, by using a shiny eyeliner, it help in enlarging your eyes and creates an illusion of big eyes too! ◕ ◡ ◕

other than that, by applying a thin layer of shiny eyeliner underneath your eyes, it helps to reduce those eye bags too! and i have eyes bags T_T

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner

have you check out this eyeliner at Sasa store? well if you don't, YOU MUST TRY IT NOW! this eyeliner gives an instant light up effect on your eyes with its glamorous glitters and it's resistance to tears, water, sweat or even rubbing.

tips on what you can do with this eyeliner!

1) Create Tear Bag: draw a line under your eyes for impressively full and plump tear bags!
2) Highlight Inner Corner Eye: adding shimmery highlight to 1/3 of your eyes inner corners for a bright and watery eye look.
3) As Eye Shadow: take an appropriate amount and place on your eyelid. blend with fingertips before it dries.

take a look on above pics for my new achieved dolly look. i did a highlight at the inner corner of my eyes ◕‿◕

for clearer view, do check out pictures above for before and after effect. apply a layer of natural pink white colour to achieve a sweet and innocent looking eyes.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner is a film type eyeliner that can be easily removed with lukewarm water. it contains 3 types of beauty essence which are good for our skin. collagen, sodium hyaluronate and chamomile extract. with its super fine brush, you can easily apply the liquid around the edge of your eyes.

you can get these awesome eyeliner at Watsons outlet and selected Sasa Store ˘◡˘

don't forget to visit their official Facebook page for more awesome deals and products.

Kiss Me:

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