Friday, June 13, 2014

Food Review // IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi

when was my last food review? i couldn't recall. but here's a question. what's your favourite fast food restaurant? according to research, Mcdonalds is the most well known fast food in the world. besides, it's everyone's favourite fast food too, YES? but why Mcdonalds? it's oily, fattening, unhealthy and the percentage of getting obesity or even diabetes is high too. so why would you choose something that's so detrimental to your body? time to change, swift for a healthy lifestyle 。◕‿◕。

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi is a healthy fast food restaurant located at Damansara Uptown, IKU provides high speed food service which is extraordinary convenient for people who is always on the go. especially when Damansara Uptown is famous for their traffic and parkings (if you know what i mean, lol), IKU is definitely one of your new favourite hang out places.

not just that, their pricing for every food are very much affordable with a comprehensive selection of fusion Japanese cuisine. from fusion sushi to special signature bento box, IKU is giving an alternative to the public on serving Japanese cuisine in fusion style. if you're thinking of getting some healthy food without ruining your diet, this is your best choice of the day, and this would be my FIRST CHOICE too!

last week, i was honoured enough to be invited to attend their grand soft launch together with some other beautiful bloggers. it was a pretty hot day anyway, so i got my sunnies on ◉◡◉

this is Master Chef all the way from New York, Mr MichihikuSakakuchis-san who has more than 20 working experience under his belt. he has also drawn attention to one of the World Finest Chef Jorge Rodriguez, The America's Top 20 Chefs.

during the launching, he was friendly enough to demonstrate us how to make the best salmon out of salmon belly. check out those fire, it's burning! my tummy is making noises already. any sushi fans here? ≧◡≦

to be honest, I'm a sucker for tea. when i get to know about their green tea latte, immediately, i placed my order. yums, it's just my kind of drink.

well, you can always opt for other drinks. IKU prepared a wide range of cool drinks for their customers. one of them is the Iced Matcha passion Puree, i heard the other bloggers gave it a hit! go for Matcha Chocolate, Matcha Coffee Latte or Matcha White Coffee if you need something to keep your energy rolling.

by the way, do you know that you can adjust the sugar level for their drinks too? #somuchwin

if you're a rice person, bento set is your perfect choice. IKU came out with five special sets and my favourite one is Japanese Chicken Curry set - RM 12.80

why is it healthier? because this perfect set came with chicken breast meat, served with Japanese Curry Sauce, Chicken Karage and Pickles. much more better than getting a Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe sset isn't it? ▰˘◡˘▰

I'm pretty sure Chicken Teriyaki is everyone's favourite. in that case, you must not miss this. IKU Chicken Teriyaki set - RM 13.80 came with sliced chicken breast (thumbs up), Edamame, Pickles and Japanese Lasagna, served together with IKU's Signature Sauce.

IKU Shashimi set - RM 18.80 is perfectly done together with sliced sashimi, Ebi and White Tuna, Edamame, Pickles, Salad and Japanese Lasagna which is almost similar with the previous one.

say hello to the udon family! IKU offered some awesome noodles for you peeps too! ranging from Salmon Porridge which cost only RM 5.80, Prawn Soup Noodle (ramen or udon) RM12.80, Cold Soba RM 7.80, Seafood Soup RM 12.80 and Unagi Don RM 26.80. each every of them are patiently made by the Chef with high quality ingredients and Seafood, so do not waste your food.

with Master Chef Yama's extensive experience towards sushi, instead of using the old, traditional soy sauce, or my favourite mix - sweet sauce + wasabi, he created another 10 special sauces to go with the sushi and bento box.

IKU offeres 9 different fusion sushi. unfortunately, i was unable to try all of them out because i was rushing to some other location. due it its uniqueness, I'm pretty sure that everyone will give it a try as they are all invented by their Master Chef.

not exactly a huge fan of prawn BUT! a big love for their Prawn Soup Noodle. if you love spicy food, this is what you've been looking for. Prawn Soup Noodle - RM 12.80 served with spicy Japanese broth, huge prawns, slice eggs and naruto maki. sounds a bit like Hokkien Mee from the hawker stalls isn't it? NO, this one tasted much much more better!

well, that's all for today. for more location information, you may check out below's address ☺

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi
No.21, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours: 9am to 9.30pm daily

Instagram: @myiku

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