Friday, August 29, 2014

Fashion News // Blooming Day

whenever people asked about what's so special about Malaysia. instead of the food, i'll say, the weather. we don't have four seasons here, we have only summer, which is not really a bad things because we can always wear shorts. what an excuse, haha! anyway, who doesn't love flowers? you see them everywhere. from the moment you walked out from your house, to the garden, to a cafe, you see flowers. now bring them into fashion, into our clothes, we can blossom too!

floral represents femininity. it blends well with dresses, shorts, scarfs, everything. in this season, Dreamscape brought in blooming shorts after launching the garden drawstring pants. I'm not really a floral person but these two had just blown me away. i can't stop myself from getting these lovely pieces, it will become a good hit in the fashion market.

i love to keep things simple, clean and minimal. therefore, all black again. get yourself a crop tee and pair it up with a blooming shorts (available in both black and white) don't forget to pun on a bar sandals too.

What i Wore || CropT and Blooming Shorts by Dreamscape | Bar Sandals by Vincci

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