Thursday, August 14, 2014

Leisure // Afternoon Tea at Macalister Mansion

can't believe that i'm actually back here again in Penang, felt so relieved. i can't remember when was the last time i visited Penang. maybe during cny which is january? i cant recall back. anyway, my mom has been nagging. i guess it's time for me to go back before everything gone worst =P

i'm a very stubborn girl. i won't go home before i accomplish something, anything. most importantly, my career. ok, not gonna talk about my career. let's move on to this beautiful place. you know penang is famous for its food, definitely. and guess what, my friend recommended me to this place. i know my family loves hi-tea, so there you go, family bonding time at Macalister Mansion ▰˘◡˘▰

coffee, tea or me? anyway, the afternoon tea set cost about RM70+ which is quite reasonable, i think? with that amount of food served and the ambiance, definitely worth the price. I'm thinking for a reason to stay at the hotel now, haha.

Macalister Mansion is a classy, sophisticated, european style boutique hotel located at Jalan Macalister, Georgetown which is not hard to find at all. it is also divided into few mansion. from the Living Room, Dining Room, The Cellar, The Den, The Lawn and also Eight Rooms.

Living Room serves a wide selection of TGW tea, as well as pastries and other beverages. i don't think i need to elaborate much, let the pictures do the talking, haha! anyway, i do believe that this is a quite a cosy place to hang out and chill with family and friends. i love the concept where the hotel is open for anyone to visit rather than restricted for their own guest to enjoy the environment. I'm glad that my family enjoy the food and the atmosphere, plus the bills are all on me, haha! will definitely be back here again for their dinner or their stays, hehe!

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