Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beauty // MaryQuant Smoo Make

oh hello readers. how was your holiday? you know what? today's post is about MaryQuant again ◔‿◔ I'm pretty sure this brand is familiar to you right? if you've forgotten or got no clue about what is it about, kindly check out HERE for info that i've blogged about MaryQuant few months ago.

don't you think the packaging is very pretty? I'm so in love with the sweet and stylish daisy logo. black and white, it suits my blog theme too ಠ◡ಠ

it's very essential to know which make up base suits your skin the most. when comes to makeup base, i usually go for foundation and then compact powder (for a heavier look) or loose powder for a natural look.

today I'm gonna share: Smoo Make Powder Foundation series by MaryQuant

Smoo Make: a moist, powdery foundation that subtly manoeuvres light, transform your skin into the condition you desire! Smoo Make provides a moist, melting sensation while being applied with a puff, but is completely smooth once the application is finished.

Mary Quant Smoo Make powder foundation came with 8 different colour tones, ranging from natural, tan, bronze, soft pink, ivory, fresh, beige and country clay. if you're not certain about which colour suits you the most, do request for an assistance from the salesperson. i personally using the natural series. to achieve better result, Mary Quant SMOO PUFF is recommended to use together witht the powder foundation.

the highly moisturising powder foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and three diminutional appearance. powders that incorporate ample moisture adhere to the skin as if dissolving onto it. the foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin colour, creating radiant, firm, smooth skin.

here's what i do before i start putting on makeup.

1) firstly, apply basic protection like toner, moisturiser and sun block.
2) secondly, apply a thin layer of make up base/foundation, following by concealer.
3) thirdly, compact powder.
4) do the eyebrow and the rest of the face ⌒_⌒

now that MaryQuant had came out this Smoo Make series where you can save up your cost on buying both foundation and compact powder separately, wow! I'm a happy girl now! with the design, packaging, texture and quality, i seriously feel that this is worth buying and your skin deserve better treatment too. there are 8 different colour tones for you to choose from the store. for more info and purchasing details, you may check out MUSE by Watson which is located only at Sunway Pyramid or head over to their official website for more item details.

anyway, i'll be giving out some of the MaryQuant products for my readers soon. if you're a fan of MaryQuant, you wouldn't want to miss this. well, thats all for the post. do come back again for my next post ▰˘◡˘▰

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